Plan A.5

The Future.
When Amy Wilkinson accidentally travels to the future in her Dad's mysterious invention, she finds herself in a very different world from where she came from.
For starters, she isn't even in England anymore.
But for Amy, that's good since a ferocious war is destroying her homeland.
Can she ever get back before the whole world is destroyed?


1. Prologue

They were coming for her. Their hard leathery hands reached out to grasp her spindly legs and their dark black eyes only knew one thing. How to kill. She ran among the trees in the forest. Their branched scratched her arms and tore at her clothes. She kept on running, faster and faster, until the world was just a blur. 

Yet they too were running, their hard soles were causing the ground to shake. She heard gun-shots. A bullet flew past her head, whipping her hair around.

She was getting tired. But they weren't. Their roars of anger and hatred pained her mind and numbed her inside. She slowed down. They sped up. Any second now, their hands would be around her neck, suffocating her into a dreary sleep. She stopped suddenly. 

They grasped her neck and mouth with their foul-smelling hands, begging her to become unconscious. She could feel her legs giving way, and her eyelids growing heavy. She just wanted to lie down on a tree stump and go to sleep, yet she had to stay awake; keep fighting them until she had nothing left to give. 

She forced her eyelids open. They were getting impatient as their grip tightened on her throat. 

"Amy" they growled as she felt herself going into a long, deep sleep. 

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