Plan A.5

The Future.
When Amy Wilkinson accidentally travels to the future in her Dad's mysterious invention, she finds herself in a very different world from where she came from.
For starters, she isn't even in England anymore.
But for Amy, that's good since a ferocious war is destroying her homeland.
Can she ever get back before the whole world is destroyed?


5. Chapter 5

Amy's tears rolled off her cheeks and onto the pavement, or sidewalk, as it was commonly known. She wiped her hand across her cheeks, then shook her head.

"Come on, Amy," she told herself. "Pull yourself together. You're not a little girl anymore." She stood up. First of all she needed to find out more about the War in England. She walked over to a bin, and picked up a newspaper. 


Amy dropped the newspaper in shock. 50 million? When she was alive, that was most of the population. Of course, that number would've grown, but still- 50 million? She picked up that paper again. She read on. Eventually she had to stop- it was too horrible. She started to cry again. 

"Alright, honey?" Asked a large, jolly looking woman walking past. Amy wiped her eyes with her hand.

"Yes, I'm fine thank you," Amy replied, as the woman handed her a tissue. 

"Are you sure?" Asked the woman again. Amy managed to stop crying. She managed a weak smile.

"Yes, I'm fine." She replied. 

"What?!" The woman did a double-take.

"Huh?" Amy replied.

"Are you British?" The woman asked.

"Yes, but-"

"You!" The woman exclaimed. "You're one of them! One of those horrible, nasty, disgusting Brits that shot down our planes!"

"What? I think you have the wrong person, I'm-"

"You should be in jail! And to think that I tried to HELP you!" Amy glanced around and saw a gathering crowd.

"Help!" Amy exclaimed, "This woman is crazy!" Everyone looked at her in shock.

"No she's not," A man replied, stepping forward. "You're a Brit aren't you?"

"Wait, just stop for a second, I'm-" Amy tried to say,

"You're getting deported, right back to your own lousy country!" The man yelled at her. "You Brit's are just using us, aren't you? You think that you can shoot down our planes when we try to HELP you, and then come and stay in our country because yours is in ruins? Well, you're mistaken!"

Amy couldn't say anything. She was in shock, and two large men grabbed her arms. She noticed that someone had called the police because four policemen strode up to her. She noticed that they had guns, unlike the British policemen. They thanked the two men and handcuffed her. 

"Ah!" She exclaimed and she felt the cold metal tightening around her wrists. 

"You're going right back to the USB, young lady!" Stated the policeman. 

"USB? You mean a memory stick?" She asked.

"A what?"

"What's the USB?" Amy asked,

"Oh, like you don't know!" Exclaimed another policeman, "You live there!"

"Its the United States of Britain," sighed the third. "It was changed in 2018, from the United Kingdom."

"Anyway, stop distracting us," Replied the fourth, "You're going back home," as he threw her into the back of a police van. It had thick, metal bars. A tear slid down Amy's cheek. How did this happen? 

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