Plan A.5

The Future.
When Amy Wilkinson accidentally travels to the future in her Dad's mysterious invention, she finds herself in a very different world from where she came from.
For starters, she isn't even in England anymore.
But for Amy, that's good since a ferocious war is destroying her homeland.
Can she ever get back before the whole world is destroyed?


4. Chapter 3

Kliss crouched beneath the small mound of dirt which had been caused by a shell. She reached for her walkie-talkie which was in her belt. 

"Jason!" She hissed as another shell missed her by a couple of inches. A mumbling came from the speaker, but eventually Kliss heard a voice. 

"Wassup?" She breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Jason- you gotta listen! Get out of the trench NOW!" Kliss looked over to a trench dug into the dirty English countryside and saw her friend climb out. Bullets whizzed past him as he shot back and sprinted towards her. Jason ducked beneath the mound of dirt with Kliss as she gave him his instructions. 

It was the English civil war of 2035. A foreigner named Boston Malero had blown up a bomb in central London and set the blame onto an innocent member of the public. Little did Boston know, the blame was set upon one of the most powerful MI5 agents in Great Britain. The police and MI5 and MI6 were baffled. The MI5 agent decided to get his revenge- and a civil war was born. The MI5 agent needed as many fighters as possible, so he invited children of ages thirteen and over to join his army. Kliss, a fourteen year old girl with long, wavy blonde hair and a great personality, and Jason, also fourteen, decided to join the army. 

Jason nodded in agreement and he crouched flat on his stomach and crawled along to a small back-pack which was lying on the battlefield. Kliss watched in utter amazement as bullets and shells flew past him, but not one managed to hit him. She held the walkie-talkie to her mouth. 

"Keep going, Jason. Get the back-pack then return."

"Ya ha." Replied Jason. Kliss heard him swear as a bullet sliced a few of his hairs off. "That was too close." He spoke into his walkie-talkie. "There's no way I'm getting myself killed for an MI5 agent." Kliss smiled. 

"You better not let him catch you saying that." 

"Puu-lease! Who d'ya take me for? I am the best man that agent has got! He'd be dead without me!" Suddenly Kliss heard the dull drum of an aeroplane. She looked up into the sky and dropped her walkie-talkie. A large grey plane came shooting through the sky, with a picture painted onto it. A picture of Boston Malero.

"Oh god." Muttered Kliss. The plane swooped lower and lower and Kliss saw the gunman aiming a shell at Jason. "Jason, you gotta watch out for-" She was cut off when the plane dropped a shell right next to Jason. Kliss stood up immediately and ran over to him. "JASON!" She exclaimed, unnerved by the passing bullets. He was dazed, but still conscious. She grabbed his arms and tried to pull him to safety. 

"What the heck was that?" Asked Jason after Kliss had pulled him behind a mound of dirt. She sighed. She'd lost so many of her friends in the war and she didn't want to lose Jason as well. Kliss muttered to herself as she cleaned the wound. 

"Just an idiot." She replied, trying to sound cheerful. She looked at him. "You need to be sent home. You can't fight." Jason grinned. 

"To where? My house is blown to bits, remember?" Kliss bit her lip. 

"Can you stand up?" Jason looked at the bullets flying past. 

"Um, do I have to?" Kliss rolled her eyes. 

"Ok, don't bother then." She looked at a gun lying a few meters away. It was a special type of gun, one which shot cannon balls. A plan began to unfold in her mind. "Wait right here." She ran quickly to get to the gun and held it in her hands. She saw the plane which shot Jason and before she even knew what she was doing- she aimed. And fired. What an idiot. 

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