Plan A.5

The Future.
When Amy Wilkinson accidentally travels to the future in her Dad's mysterious invention, she finds herself in a very different world from where she came from.
For starters, she isn't even in England anymore.
But for Amy, that's good since a ferocious war is destroying her homeland.
Can she ever get back before the whole world is destroyed?


3. Chapter 2

"You're on the wrong side of the road, punk!"

Amy dodged the speeding cars coming towards her. What were they talking about? They are on the wrong side! Amy thought that she really should get on the other side of the road, before she crashed. She swung the Cadillac around and drove onto the other side. She looked around in amazement. Where the hell am I? She asked herself over and over again.

Suddenly, the Time Machine's engine started spluttering and choking. Amy looked at the fuel metre. Great! I'm out of fuel! She thought as the Cadillac slowly came to a halt. Amy cringed as the cars behind her started to beep their horns. 

"Move it, slowpoke!" Someone yelled. Slowpoke? thought Amy. She carefully climbed out of the car. 

"Um," she announced to the other cars. "I've, erm, run out of fuel... So, um, I can't go anywhere..." A man in the car behind her sighed and handed her a banana skin and some egg shells. 

"Go on," he muttered. "These should get you to the city." Amy was taken back.

"Um, excuse me?" She stated, feeling confused. "I don't want your rubbish, thank you very much!" The man rolled his eyes. 

"It a'int rubbish!" The man yelled. "It's for your car!" Amy looked at her car, puzzled. "To fuel it up!" He added, going red in the face. "Now, hurry up, I'm late for a conference." 

"Um..." Amy started to say, but the man got out of his car and snatched the compost from Amy.

"If you want something done well, you gotta do it yourself" he mumbled under his breath and he approached the Cadillac. After a few moments he walked over to Amy, with the banana skin and egg shells still in his palm. "You have an old-fashioned car there." He said, staring at Amy. "There's a gas station halfway into the city, about two miles from here." He looked at the other drivers. "We can fly, folks." Amy had no idea what they were talking about, but when the cars flew into the air, she was speechless.

"Oh mama.." Amy started to say. Ok, she thought to herself. This isn't normal... 


When she eventually got fuel, she had to escape without paying. Mainly because she didn't have any dollars. She only had a couple of pounds. But she now knew the ugly truth. She was no longer in England. She was in America. She didn't even want to think about the other thing. She still couldn't believe that her Dad's Time Machine actually worked. And it had taken her to the year 2035. 

She decided to go to the city, whatever that was. But when she arrived and saw a huge bronze statue of the Statue of Liberty, she knew exactly where she was. New York.

She looked around, and saw cars flying over her head, although there was crazy traffic on the ground. Even though it was slow, the traffic gave her time to think. Amy found a piece of paper and a pen in the Time Machine, so she decided to make a list of things she needed to do:

1. Find out how to work this crazy thing so I can go home. 

2. Get this car flying.

3. Get some dollars. 

4. Get back to England.

Her eyes watered as she wrote the last to-do. She missed England. It was her home. If she was there, she might be able to find her Dad, although he would be old. Stop it! She thought harshly to herself. Grow up! You're in the future and there's nothing you can do about it!

Amy decided to skip to point number 3. She needed dollars. The problem was, she had nothing of any worth to sell. She only had the Cadillac, and there was no way she was parting with that. She didn't really want to sell her clothes either. She pulled the pound coins from her pocket. She was about to dismiss them, when suddenly a thought appeared in her mind. She could sell the pounds...


"For these old British coins, I will give you about... $100,000." Amy's mouth fell open in shock. She was in an antiques shop and had decided to sell her 4 one pound coins and a ten pound note. She never knew that they could be worth that much... 

"But... why?" Amy managed to say. 

"Well, it's simple," the antiques woman said. "No one uses these coins anymore; they went out of date in 2019. Also, money isn't needed because of the raging war in Britain-"

"WHAT?!" Amy yelled, causing a flock of birds to disperse outside the shop. The woman was taken back. 

"I thought you knew," she said, "after all, you are British, aren't you?"

"Yes" agreed Amy, "but I'm-" She managed to stop herself saying that she was from the past. She would probably be arrested because she would be declared mad. 

"What, dear?" Asked the lady. 

"Oh, nothing" Amy said breezily. She took the money from the lady before she changed her mind and dashed out of the shop. When she got out, her wet tears splattered on the pavement. Her homeland was being destroyed. And there was nothing she could do about it. 

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