Plan A.5

The Future.
When Amy Wilkinson accidentally travels to the future in her Dad's mysterious invention, she finds herself in a very different world from where she came from.
For starters, she isn't even in England anymore.
But for Amy, that's good since a ferocious war is destroying her homeland.
Can she ever get back before the whole world is destroyed?


2. Chapter 1


Amy sat up covered in sweat. She grasped her duvet. She looked up at the familiar pictures hanging up on her bedroom wall. It was just a dream. A really bad dream. She looked at her clock. It read 12:35am. She didn't want to go back to sleep. She swung her legs around to get out, but her head felt light, as if it was made of out cotton wool. 

Amy walked downstairs carefully, not to wake Dad- if he was even asleep. Amy's Dad was an inventor, and often spent long nights alone in his shed at the bottom of the garden.

She came downstairs, her messy bedhead flopping in her eyes. She looked out of the windows into the garden. She saw a bright light shining from Dad's shed. She suddenly wanted him.

Slipping an old pair of wellies on, Amy walked outside, bearing a torch. It was dark, yet the stars were shining brightly, as if to comfort her. She plodded over to Dad's old wooden shed, jumping every time an old hooted or when the bushes rustled. She gently pushed open the door of the shed.

"Dad?" Amy asked, seeing him bent over a car of some sort. Dad jumped when he heard her voice.

"Amy!" He exclaimed, putting a dust cover over his 'car'. "I didn't know you were awake" he yawned.

"What is that?" Asked Amy, lifting the sheet from the object. Dad yanked it away from her.

"You can't know" he said, almost too quickly. "So," he added, trying to change the subject, "what kept you awake, hm?" But Amy had lost interest.

"What's under there?" She asked again, lifting the sheet off fully from the object. "Oh wow!"

There, in Dad's shed, sat a silver Cadillac. Amy reached for the door of the car. Dad suddenly obstructed her.

"No" he said firmly. "It's too late. Go back to bed." Amy folded her arms.

"Who's gonna make me?" Dad smiled.

"You're as stubborn as your mother, you know that?" Amy's mother had died during childbirth. Amy had never met her, although she wished she had.

"Does that mean that I can see it?" She asked hopefully. Dad sighed.

"Oh, go on then." Amy grinned and opened the door of the car. She sat inside the driver's seat. The soft leather seats were comfortable yet worn and the steering wheel gave off a dim glow, as if it was well used. Amy suddenly noticed a panel, with two dates written on it, and a numbered buttons beside it.

"What's that?" She asked, pointing to it. Dad itched the back of his neck uncomfortably.

"Amy- the thing I've invented... well, it's a time machine.


A few weeks later, when Dad had gone out to get some paint and left Amy home alone, she had a sudden longing to drive the Time Machine. Everyday, it sat there, in Dad's shed, just waiting to be used. She stared outside at the shed. It couldn't hurt to just sit in the Time Machine. She unlocked the back door and slipped her Nike trainers on. She walked along the wet grass to the shed.

Amy pushed open the door to the shed carefully. There sat the Cadillac, in all it's glory. Amy flipped the car keys which she had brought from inside and smiled. She unlocked the car and stepped inside the drivers seat. The warm, airy smell was comforting and she wished she could have a drive. 

A drive! Amy had been taught to drive by her Dad when she was ten. Because he was always out and about with his inventions, he wanted Amy to be able to escape if needs be.

Amy turned the key in the ignition. The engine revved. Suddenly, she saw the path which Dad had created for his Time Machine to drive along when he wanted to take it out. Dad wouldn't be back for ages.

"A little drive won't hurt" Amy smiled to herself and she pressed her foot on the accelerator and the Time Machine drove forward. She went along the path which lead to the main road, whilst driving carefully and quietly. She didn't want to stir her neighbors.

When she reached the road, everything came flooding back to her. Those driving lessons. She knew what to do. She revved the engine and stomped her foot on the accelerator. The car swung out of the drive.

Amy was going faster and faster along the motorway. She suddenly heard a crackling and saw a bright flame. The wheels were on fire! Suddenly a flash blinded her. It was all to late when she saw the panel. Dad had programmed the car to go to the year 2035. She was time-traveling. Going to 2035.

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