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8. Chapter 8

The day I arrived at the prison, it was stormy, lightning and thunder roared through the sky. In a way it was beautiful, sun beaming through the gray clouds, gave the ground a dark tint. The prison was next to the Istanbul Strait, I figured it was there so the body's could be disposed of quickly.

The plan was I would take the blame for stealing Raees money, with false documents. The prison was dark, cold, and very depressing. I could hear the distant screams of the many people who were being tortured. I stayed in my cell all day and all night, for three days a planned and I waited. Then I decided to do some searching. I stole a key from a guard and went down the poorly machined halls. I then had to duck into a small room and what I saw haunts me to this day. I saw the mother I had saved from her husband on a table. She had been dissected. I saw a small piece of paper, it said that she was charged with disrespecting a male vender. The punishment was death, her body was then studied. Then I saw something that the mere remembrance brings a tear to my eye, even now. The woman’s son, hanging by his feet with a cut in his neck, blood slowly dripping from it, this was a form of torture, traditionally it would take two weeks for the person to die. From the amount of blood around him he had been there for three days. He was still alive when I found him. I lowered his chains and and held his head up. With a tear in his eye he looked at me and used what strength he had left to mutter the words save me. I am not proud of what I did next, but I had to end his suffering.

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