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6. Chapter 6

The cave was massive, I was shocked that no one had found it. I came to a large room and the contents of the room still surprises me to this day. Inside was a hundred upon thousands possibly even millions of akce worth of treasures gold, silver, and all types of gems. What caught my eye the most was a cage made of silver, with one lock. Inside was a sword, I knew it would come in handy. So I had to have it. Next to the cage was thousands of keys, all silver and gold. On the wall above the keys was a message, it read: This is a test of the gods, only the one how is truly skilled my claim our prize, those who are not will perish.

I looked closely at the lock and I could tell it was rigged to a trap door, god knows how many lives were lost to this room? I knew I had to take my time and so I did. Every day for three weeks I went to that room and studied. I studied the lock, the keys and the room itself.

On the last day I noticed something, out of the ordinary. A key, but it was not like the others, it was made of wood. It was smaller than the others and much, much older it was rotting and was pushed into a far left corner, which explains why no one found it. I had made my decision of the key so I took the wooden one and placed it inside the lock, then I turned it slowly. I was unaware of what would happen, would I fall or would I get a prize more valuable the all the gold in the world?

To my surprise, the door opened and I went to the sword, it was black and was made by either a element unknown to this planet or not yet discovered on it. With the sword came a small knife, made of the same material, but that was not all. On the floor in front of the stand was a chest. When the chest was opened, it had a strange suit of armor. It was black with gold trim, and red accents. It had eagle feathers on the belt, and what I thought to be wolf pelt on the shoulder and chest.

In the chest was a note it read: This is our gift to you, you have proven yourself a true man of god. I did not care about the note for I do not believe in god. The Mentor made it mandatory that we did not get confused with religion. He was afraid religion would make us weak. It is one of many reasons that I hate him.

I decided that I only needed one set of armor and weapons. So I sold my metal armor and steel dagger for a nice profit of seven hundred acka. I decided that my home back at the Village would look good with one of the rugs from the bazaar or market.

The rugs were nice but very price but that would not stop the sellers. I was interested in a nice rug when a seller came up to me a shouted.

“You have excellent taste sir, your feet will love you more than your own wife!”

“I am not married.” I told him

“You are better off, so shall we say three hundred acka then?” he asked

“I don’t know? Do you have anything at two hundred?”

“Yes, but they lack the true quality of one of these ones.”

“Is this all you have?”

“Sadly yes, the Janissaries came earlier today and took almost everything I had.”

“Tell me about these Janissaries.”

“Well they are the royal guards of the city. They are very strict with upholding the law of the city and they hate anything that was not made in this country. Like my rugs I got them from a man in China and the next thing I know the Janissaries are breaking down my door and threatening me for the rugs. I think they are just mad with power, but that is not an opinion you want to share with people.”



“I wouldn't go digging too far into this my friend. The Janissaries are the tip of people that will kill you just for looking at them wrong, but they will feel bad about it later.”

“Thank you for the information.” I told him as I started to walk away

“What so what about the rug?” he shouted

I did not answer him, I just kept walking.

I decided to look into the Janissaries and their supposed misuse of power. I could tell the people of this city were truly frightened by the Janissaries. I could spot one from a mile away from their distinct armor patterns, they always wore masks to make themselves look more intimidating. It did not work on me. I could see through them, through their thousand yard stare and what I saw was just a group of men trying to make a name for themselves.

I decided it was time to talk to a person in the government chain, maybe I could get a man on the inside. Then I could know all of my targets moves, before they even make them. I could also look for any signs of foul play in the Janissary ranks. I went to Husam for help.

“Well I don’t know Akeem this is a big favor you are asking for, as you are aware we try to stay out of politics.” Husam said

I was aware of this, so I decided to pay a visit to a old friend. I went to the closest bar and founded the thief I held hostage, he was drunk.

“What do you want?” he said with a disgusted and slightly slurred tone.

“I need your help.” I told him

“Great, you going to chain me to another wall?”

“Only if I am forced.”

“Well you can forget my help, because of you I haven’t had a job all month!”

I grabbed him and raised my new knife to his throat. He went from a drunken slob to a polite young man in no time.

“Is this a new one?” he asked trying to make me forget my intentions.

I just gripped him closer.

“Fine just tell me what you need, seeing I have nothing better to do.” he said

I told him what I needed from him and he told me of a young man who had some influence in the political group.

I followed his lead to a small house in the center of town. The door read: Tawfeek residents.

I approached the door and gave a hard nock. I was greeted by a woman who was covered head to toe in clothes. Even her eyes were covered. To this day I still do not understand why the woman of that country cover themselves in such a way, it must be a religious thing.

I asked to speak to Mr.Tawfeek and she invited me in and pointed me to a couch. Moments later a tall man maybe twenty or so came to me.

“Good day to you sir.” he said politely

“Good day Mr.Tawfeek.” I replied

“Please call me Aahil.” he implored

“Very well Aahil.”

“What is it you want, Mr.”


“Very well Akeem, what is it you want?

“I understand you have government influence correct?”

“Some, what is this about?”

“I was hoping I could be a protege of sorts.”

I thought it would be better not to tell him of my true mission at least not yet.

“So you are a man interested in politics?” Aahil said now more interested in me then when I first arrived.

“Yes I am” I told him

“Come walk with me.” he said

As we left his home he started to tell me all about the city's government and how it was different then most of the world’s. We walked for about an hour befor I spotted something that I just couldn’t let slip through my mind.

Janissaries harassing a merchant selling fruit. I looked over to Aahil and told him to go to Dabir’s shop. I told him to tell Dabir that I had sent him and to tell him that you are to know of my mission. Aahil left very confused, but he did leave.

I went closer to hear what the Janissaries were saying.

“We told you to stay home today! Why do you disobey your orders?” The Janissary Captain yelled.

The poor merchant could only bring a stutter to words before the Janissaries destroyed his stand. Then they just left, I feel they destroyed the stand just for fun, but that did not matter I knew I had to get to the bottom of this.

I followed the Janissaries for about three city blocks then the Captain broke off from the group to go and harass some women nearby. Luck for me he chased them into a nice secluded spot. I ran at the Captain and knocked him off his feet. Before he had time to realize what was going on I forced him up against the a wall and punched him in the stomach.

“Why did you destroy the mans shop?” I asked in a very angry tone. I do not know why I was so angry, but I was.

He did not answer. I tried to hit him again but he kneed me in the ribs and I fell over in pain. The Captain then started to call for help. It took all my energy, but I managed to get to my feet and run. Despite the pain in my side, I ran as fast and as hard as I could. I did not stop until I got to Dabir’s shop.

As I entered the shop I was greeted by Dabir and Aahil.

“My god man what has happened to you?” asked Dabir

“Well it’s nice to see you too.” I replied with a smile

“Come here and sit.” Dabir continued ignoring my comment

Dabir examined my ribs and told me, “Nothings broken, but you will have a nasty bruise for a few days. I’ll go get a frozen piece of meat to help with the pain.”

Then he left and I ask Aahil if he had done what I had told him.

“Yes you are playing with fire here Akeem.” Aahil told me

“I know, but it is for the greater good.” I replied

“Greater good? This is a man seeking revenge because his master told him so.”

I had never stopped to think of it that way, but I was not about to disobey my Mentor so soon.

“So you won’t help me?” I asked

“I never said that.” Aahil said

“I never did like the counsel they never sat right with me, but I knew they were up to something, well evil.” he continued

“So I will help you, but after todays events you will need to have a new name around my associates.”

“What do you mean “after todays events”?”

“News travels fast in this city, my friend. As we speak the heralds of the city are shouting out, that a crazy man attacked a Janissary earlier today, and they have killed people for less.”

“So what will you call me then?”

“From now on, at least around my fellow political members, you will be Quadir Zaman, my new personal bodyguard.”


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