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5. Chapter 5

I returned to tell Husam of the new plan. As I entered the headquarters I was instantly approached by Husam.

“Why did you not come back with the others?” he asked very confused.

“I went to see Abd-Allah.” I told him.

He started to laugh uncontrollably.

“So he is dead?” he asked

“No.” I replied

The moment I said that the tone in his voice went from laughter and joy to anger and betrayal.

“No, what do you mean no!” he shouted

“He offered to help us.” I explained

“We do not need his help!” Husam continued

“Just give him a chance Husam. That is all I’m asking”

“Fine I do this only because I trust you, but if I sense even a hint of a betrayal, I will not hesitate to cut his throat, or yours if you get in my way. Am I understood?”


The weeks following were filled with assassination missions the information given to me by Abd-Allah was accurate four replacements pre council member. It seemed every time I returned to Abd-Allah he had a new name for me. After all twente replacements were accounted for I went to Abd-Allah to know our next move.

“Akeem!” he said “You have succeeded!”

“Yes.” I replied

“Then it is time to hit our enemy where it will count.”

“ I the face?” I said with a smile.

“No in the wallets.” he told me.

“I don’t understand?”

“I is simple, if we stop their income they will be severely weakened, there is an old saying to this Akeem, “You must attack a giant's legs to make it’s head more vulnerable.”

“OK how do we do it?”

 “I will give you documents stating that you are Raees’s next of kin, you will be entitled to all his money.”

“I see. What do I do with the money when I get it?”

“That will be for you to decide.”

I got the papers from Abd-Allah and went to Raees’s banke. I did not think there would be that much money five maybe six hundred akce, but it was over sixty thousand akce.

It took me three trips to get it all out. In the end I decided to help the people of the city a third of it went to the freedom fighters, a third went to Dabir, and the last of it went to the city. I wanted to truly change the city. I built schools and hospitals, I reopened shops that were closed, and I did my best to help the poor in the city so I built them shelters.  I hope that the people of this city do not take this gift for granted yet something tells me they will. This city is greedy.

After our argument I never felt right around Husam. He would always give me this look, like he was ready to strike me down at any moment.

I took some time off from helping the freedom fighters, I wanted to see the good parts of the city. After three days of walking around, seeing the sights, and meeting the ladies I decided to head to the Bosphorus or Istanbul Strate. Istanbul being a local favorite name for the city. I swam for hours taking in the fresh air when something caught my eye. I noticed a light underneath the water. I dived deep into the dark cold water. The light was from a cave, having a natural curiosity, I entered unaware of what lies inside.

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