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3. Chapter 3

After several hours of my “hospitality” he told me what I wanted to know.

“Wait! Please no more! I will tell you anything you want to know!” said the thief trying not to drown in his own blood.

“I want Raees.” I yelled in his face

“Look Raees hires me and my group of thieves on a weekly bases.”

“For what?” I asked him

“To steal what else.” he told me

“Steal from who?” I asked him winding up for another punch.

“From every one banks, stores, common people you know the basics.”


“Why does Raees have such a big influence in the city?” I said starting to get annoyed

“He’s the treasurer” the thief said as if he had given up resisting.

“So why does he need you to steal?”

“How do you think he gets the money for the treasury? said the thief with tears in his eyes.

“My mentor told me of multiple men is there anyone in legge with him?” I asked.

“Well just the others on the counsel of five.” he told me

“Give me their names and if I think you are holding out on me I will kill you and feed you to the rats.” I told him

“Junayd he is the general for the imperial army, Abd-Allah he is the master Khouri he controls the mosque, Mahomet he controls the docks of the city,and Abd-Al-Aziz he is the most trusted adviser of the Sultans.

“Did the Sultan order the attack on my village?” I asked remembering the horrors I witnessed that day.

“No the Sultan knows nothing about it.” he replied

“I thought the Sultan was the highest authority?” I asked now very confused.

“He likes to thinks he is, but the truth is the counsel controls the city, they ordered the attack, but I do not know why. This is all I know I swear.”

“Thank you for the information. How may I repay you?” I asked.

“Well not killing me is a good way to start.”

“Fair enuf”. I said releasing him from his chains

“Thanks, so is that it you are letting me go, just like that?” he asked

Throwing him a coin purse full of gold, I told him “You were never here, we have never met, and if you tell Raees anything about me I will kill you. Do I make myself clear.”

“Cristal.” he said with a whimpering tone in his voice.


As the young boy left the bookshop I knew my day had come to an end Dabir had made a room for me in the shop I could not begin to express my gratitude to him, so I did what little I could around the shop from cleaning shelves, to selling books, and even taking care of his birds. He always had something for me to do. It was not until about a week after my arrival that my search really got going. After a week of sabotaging Raees’s little plane to get funds to fuel the massive army that the city had, he finally caught on that I was here. He doubled the grades, he doubled  the weapons, he doubled everything. I was beginning to think that he had gone mentally insane, but then my opportunity to get to him had finally shown itself. Dabir came to me with a poster that had been placed all throughout the district. It was about Raees’s annual  masquerade ball, it had everything a usual rich persons party has: free entertainment, exotic food, expensive liquor, and of course women brought to you by the local brothel.

“This is perfect, just one small problem it is invitation only.” I told him.

“Thats ok my friend you can have my invitation.” he said pulling a small card out of his coat.

“Thank you Dabir, if you don’t mind me asking why do you have a invitation?”

“ I was asked to bring some old books for the more sophisticated guests, but with all the women I doubt anyone will be focused on the books.” Dabir told me.

“I doubt I could stay focused on finding Raees.” I joked.

We both laughed Dabir gave me a spare mask, it was a satanic looking thing. He told me it was a prototype design from an Italian inventor named Da Vinci or something. It was made to sperat smoke and poison gas from breathable oxygen. It was ugly but it did hide my identity so it would have to do.

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