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2. Chapter 2

When the ship docked at Constantinople the air was nice and fresh. I meet a young scholar who just returned from China he told me many great things about the city.

“ This city is home to many great  people, except those blasted thieves, they are always making trouble, well speak of the Devil.”

Just then three men were chased down the street with, what looked to be gardes following them.

“ You know traveler I have yet to learn your name.” the boy said with a smile

“ My name is Akeem.” I told him.

“ Welcome Akeem I hope you enjoy the city.” he said starting to walk away.

The city was larger than anything I had ever seen, the buildings were tall, and the market was large. My Village had a lot for growing to do if it was ever going to be like Constantinople.

Before I left Mentor told me of a man who went by the name Dabir he was to be my informant. I traveled the streets until I found a shop with had large letters painted on it which read

“ Dabir’s books”

As I entered the building was full of old maps and books that were supposedly lost to the world.

I approached the counter and asked for Dabir.

The man at the counter looked at me and asked

“Are you him, are you Akeem the one I was told about?”

“Yes.” I answered to him

“Welcome my friend, welcome, come in the back I have much to tell you.”

That he did I was told of four thieves that would have information about Raees one of the most powerful people in the district.

“Thank you Dabir for all of your information, now I must go find Raees.”

“WOW,WOW,WOW, you can’t just go and attack a the most powerful man this side of the continent.” Dabir said to me in one of those shut up and listen to me tones.

“Well I don’t see anything stopping me.” I replied

“Let me break it down for you genies he has unlimited resources, the best security force in the city, you don’t even know what he looks like, and to top it all off have you even thought about a key to get in to his war palec.” he told me in the same tone.

“Well what of the thieves?” I replied

“Just because you harass a few thieves doesn't mean you get a skeleton key and besides they work for Raees and they will answer back to him when they catch wind that you are poking around his operation.” Dabir told me.

“So what will you have me do?” I asked annoyed

“Well you could try and disrupt his security force making the thieves easier to find, or talk to the local freedom fighters for help.” Dabir said.

As I left Dabir gave me some money for new armor he thought I just dug through the dump for my chest plate the worst part of it all was he was right, the Mentor did not pay us with money but with knowledge so we had to make are own armor.


Looking back on it now I am glad I took Dabir advice I had enough money for a new metal chest plate and some leather graves but not much else.  Which came to my aid more than once.

It was almost sunrise when I began my search for the the thieves. I wandered the streets for hours on end looking in every slum filled part of the city, every alleyway, and every bar was searched I was in a mass confusion when suddenly some ruble fell on my shoulder and just then it hit me they aren't on the ground but on the roof tops.

I needed to get to the roof tops but I was not trained as a climber I was a worrier, but I remember what Abbas told me about climbing.

“Always look for the fastest way.”

Then I saw it a beautiful lift for lifting scaffolding that was my way up I ran to it hitting the lever with my leg. Just then I was swang to the roof where I came face to face with a thief his face was covered but as he started to run I tackled him still disoriented from the lift. As I lifted his mask, I was in shock it was the scholar from the ship. I acted without thought and injected him with a mild sedative rendering him unconscious.

Thinking fast I covered him in dirt and soaked him in wine to make it look as if I was merely dragging a drunk back to his home. I cared the alcohol covered thief back to the bookshop.

“ What do you think you are doing bringing a dead body to my store?”

Dabir said noticing the the spot on the mans neck where i injected him with the sedative.

“He’s not dead, just unconscious.” I told him

“Well that makes it so much better.” Dabir said sarcastically.

I went to the basement of the book store tieing the scholar to the wall because there really wasn't anything else. He awoke several hours later to find me waiting for him to stop ducking in and out of consciousness.

“Well you're alive.” I said to him

“Where am I?” he asked


“That is not important, all that should matter to you is your life.” I told him

“How are you?” he asked starting to doze off.

As grabbing his hair and slamming his head into the stone wall he yelled.

“How are you?”

“You mean you don’t recognize me I think I’m insulted?” I replied

“You the man from the ship?” he said with a scared tone in his voice.

“So you are a scholar and a thief is there anything else I do not know about you?”

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