Pages of Akeem



1. Chapter 1

I write these pages with much sorrow in my heart. I wish there could be someone here with me to hear my final thoughts for I am dying, but this quill and paper will have to do. To anyone who finds these pages: my life, final words, and a confession to my sins will be on them.

I believed in my actions as a young man. I lived with the others who had a gift so to speak. Our leader was known as many things: King, Ruler, Prophet, but we referred to him as Mentor, The All Knowing Mentor.

We never corrected him, for he was never wrong. We never disobeyed him, for he knew best. We never spoke his name, for we are not worthy, but those times have passed, for the Mentor Shaiir Halim is dead, dead by my hand and my hand only. I remember training with my brothers in the courtyard at the age of twenty-seven  when my best friend, Abbas, came to me yelling something of barbarians and thieves in the lower village. I grabbed my armor and dagger and ran to the village. As I approached the back entrance of the village I spotted a man in black knight’s armor on a white horse. He was my target. When I ran at him, I grabbed him off his horse and plunged my dagger deep into his throat. He looked at me, and with his dying breath he said,

“You are too late, it has already begun.”

“ No, tell me more,” I yelled at his corps. I stopped to give him the last bit of dignity and respect he had left.

“ Rest in Peace, and may God forgive you for the terrible deeds you have done today, so that your soul may find Peace.”

It took three hours to drive the invaders back to the main gate where they retreated. The village was  completely destroyed. People were dying, and looting in the chaos.

Looking upon the destruction I could not help but think about what the man said to me.

“It has already begun.”

“What could that mean?” I said to myself.

Just then I understood. I rushed to the main training yard, up to the main door, and just before I entered two guards armed with swords stopped me.


“Out of my way you fools. The Mentor is in danger!” I said to the guards.

“What proof do you have young boy?” the guard replied harshly.

“I just know it. You must let me through NOW!” I ordered.

Just then the Mentor walked out of the gates as if nothing had happened.

“Akeem, what is going on here?” asked Mentor.

“Mentor you are in great danger you must...”

“There is no danger, Akeem, I am sure of it” said Menter

I did not argue with the Mentor, so when he told me there was nothing to fear I didn’t question him I just went to help the people of the village.    

The village took time to  repair, much time but is was repaired. I was walking through the newly repaired market, looking for a nice rug, when a frantic messenger came up to me and told me I was needed in the Mentors grand hall. That was a great honor, so this must have been important. As I entered Mentor looked worried scared almost.

“Akeem, come in, come in. Listen the man you killed was not behind the attack, but the men...”

“Men?” I interrupted, Mentor stared at me as if waiting for an apology.

“My most humble apologies, Mentor.”

“As I was saying the men who are behind the attack, are in Constantinople as we speak.” he told me.

“How did you come by this information?” I asked


“ I have my ways. Now you will leave for Constantinople at days break. Go my friend get your things ready, and get a good sleep. That will be all.” Mentor said with an uplifted tone in his voice.

As I left, I was in shock The Mentor trusted me with a solo mission, my first solo mission.

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