Ebony is just another pretty girl living the good life in California: shopping sprees, going to the beach, and boys crawling all over her. Ebony has everything she has ever wanted. Well, almost.

Derek is the bad boy. The boy with the shaggy brown hair and the tattoos on his arms. Derek loves Ebony. Ebony loves Derek. But at what cost will Derek go to to make sure that Ebony is perfect?

During there secret runaway together, something goes horribly wrong.

Read this thriller to find out more.

xxx- Hope


1. The Plan

             "I love you, Derek," Ebony looked up at the older boy with shaggy brown hair and tan skin. He smirked. "I love you too, Ebs." Ebony entwined her hand with Derek's and they sat on the bench, watching the sunset go down. "Beer?" Derek offered, his muscular arms pulling himself up from the chair. "I dunno, Derek... I'm only 18. My mom would friggin' kill me." Ebony wrapped her blonde hair around her finger and kicked her feet into the sand.


"Aw, screw yer mom."


"C'mon, she's horrible."

"I know, but you don't have to talk about her like that."

"Just have some fun, will ya? You're ruining the mood."


         Ebony rolled her eyes. She hated when Derek acted like this. She especially hated when Derek was drunk. Derek left her in the chair and went back into his apartment to get the 12-pack of beer. Ebony sighed. She looked at her glittery baby pink toe polish and admired her tan skin. No more being pale, she thought as she heard Derek come back out of his trashy apartment. "Hey, babe. Try some." Ebony looked at the beer and cracked it open. She took a sip of the bitter drink and wiped the foam off of her lips. Ebony let out an enormous burp. "First time drinking beer?" Derek questioned. Ebony nodded and took another sip. "Good stuff, isn't it? The burp always happens the first time. Don't be embarrassed." Derek popped open a chilled Budweiser and let a burp rip. "See?" Derek smirked and got up from his chair. He swept Ebony off of her chaise lounging chair and dipped her head back. "Derek!" Ebony giggled and looked into his dark brown eyes.

               The kiss was amazing. They danced all night, in between the small sips of beer and kissing, of course. The couple ended up in the ocean, splashing each other with the salty sea water and building sand castles like children on the first day of a vacation.

          "Derek.." Ebony yawned and got out of the water. "I have to go. Will you get a friend to drive me? I'm drunk as hell." Derek frowned and furrowed his brow. "Already? You're leaving already? I'll call a cab. All of my friends are at the club."

            Ebony leaned towards Derek's cheek to give him a small goodnight kiss when she saw his eyes flicker with the spark of a new idea. "Or..." Derek shook his hair and looked at Ebony smugly. "You can spend the night." Ebony looked at him and glared. "I'm really not in the mood for 'it' right now, Derek." Derek looked at her sarcastically and held her cold hand. It was starting to get cooler and the stars were starting to appear in the clear, Californian sky. "No funny business. I swear. We can just, like, talk and drink coffee. I just.. I really have something to tell you." Ebony smiled but quickly looked worried.


"Derek, my mom will--"  

"Just tell her you were at classes."

"She'll call the school. Trust me."

"And that's why you have to rebel sometimes."


          Ebony sighed and headed towards the apartment. Derek smirked. He was ready to tell her the plan.


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