Pink Balloons

1 new girl, 1 cute boy, 1 romance


2. First day...

 I walked into the huge mordern building I am now to call school. People were rushing past me, eager to see their friends again. The usual first day of school rush. Nothing seemed right, really. I'd done this all before but it seems different, probably because I'm in america and everyone is babbling in an american accent. Then the loud imperlite sounding bell called out and everybody rushed to the stairs and corridors. I didn't know what to do, I was stood there as people pushed past me. Then a girl stopped, she had bright blue eyes and long, straight dark brown hair. She had cute little dungarees on with flowery leggins and a white t-shirt. She walked up to me in her black knee high converse. "Are you lost?" she said. "yeah, I am." I admitted. "you're Adelaide Taylor, right?" she said staring at me, looking like she was trying to work out if I was. "yep" I mumbled, "that's me". "o.k then" she said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me down the stuffed corridor. "You're in the same form as me!" she smiled, "10m2!". She pushed me through the door into the classroom. As I walked in everybody stared at me for a few seconds and then went back to doing what they were doing before i stumbled through the door. Except for these group of girls all with long blonde hair and sneering faces. They just started whispering and giggling. 

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