Pink Balloons

1 new girl, 1 cute boy, 1 romance


1. Arrived


New school, New start, New every thing, all over again. My third time at a different school. In one year. That has to be a record, it must be. I mean who else has moved school three times in one year? Well, no one that I know of! It's my dad's fault. His job takes us everywhere. This time though it's different. All the other times we've been in England. This time we're in America. I have nothing against America but I would prefer to be in Britain. I know I have no friends there, but still. I've never had enough time to make friends, not lasting ones anyway. I've tried to keep in contact with some of my favourite friends but that's never worked. My dad's so behind in life, it's like he's still living in the 80's! I don't have an email - well, I don't even have a computer to email anyone from! The only computer in our house is my dad's ancient laptop which he only uses for work. That's one of the reasons why I can never stay in contact. The other is that people just don't seem that bothered to stay in touch, we write a few letters and the time gets longer and longer between each letter and then it seems that they kind of forget about me, like I've turned into a memory. That's what I am to most people, a memory. I never see my family, they're always caught up somewhere else, so I stay a memory to them. Sometimes I think I'm a memory to my dad. Useually he's so caught up in his work he barely notices me, barely remembers me.The only good memory I have is of my mum. As a warm cuddle, that's how i remember her. Her name was Adelaide too. Only I'm mainly known by Addi now.

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