The Night games

A hunger games remix or fun story


1. Elizabeth

Chapter 1- Elizabeth

“ Darling it is time to wake up and go to the town square”

“Mother, do we have to go this year?”

said little Tommy.

“Honey you know that we have to go every year to vote for the 10 children who will be chosen for the Night Games”

said his mother Elizabeth.

    Now if you are wondering what the Night Games are well you better start listening. The Night Games started back in 2011, 75 years ago now every year on the longest night every single person is made to go to their town square and vote for 2 kids from their town a boy and a girl who are from ages 12 to 14, then the children with the most votes have to go to this Hidden Village and are never seen or heard from again. BUT we have heard rumors that once every 25 years all of the kids have to fight to the death and the last 2 to survive (1 boy and 1 girl) get to come home and see their family’s again and this year it is the 75th Night games. But this year they have changed the ages to 8 through 16 so younger kids will be going this year to the hidden village and fight to the death nobody will know who won until the children come home to live with their family’s. So it is a very troubling time for some families who’ve children have been chosen to compete in the games this year.

“Tommy are you ready yet?”

“Almost Mother”

“Ok hurry up”


“I can’t believe it this year my only son Tommy can be picked I hope he doesn't” muttered Elizabeth all to herself. Then she heard Tommy running down the stairs and dressed up for the games.

“Now Tommy once we get there you will be taken into a little roped off area with all the other boys until all of the votes are counted”

“Yes Mother”

“Come let’s go then”

Once they got there she gave her son a huge hug and kiss then went to the voting booth to vote for the children who were to play this year, there was a list of children and she read it then chose one.

Chapter 2- Jamie

I am standing in line. They ask me for my name and I say “Jamie Leventear”. They then ask me my occupation “ Student”. They then

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