What Is It With Fanfics?

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  • Published: 17 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 17 Apr 2013
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What is it with fancics on this website? Why does everyone love them? I understand if you like some celebrities or something, but to write stories about them? I think it's crazy! I'm not too fond of them myself, so if you dislike fanfics let's unite!

I do not wish to offend anyone with this poem!


1. What Is It With Fanfics?


So, what is it with Fanfics, 

What's the deal?

It's obvious Harry's locks aren't real.

I log on to Movellas, only to see,

Cheesy smiles, winking at me.


Fanfics, really?

I don't see the point,

The shock I got nearly snapped a joint!

I feel lost in a 1D world like a feather,

I'm really at the end of my fan fictional teather.


They're everywhere, seriously,

All favourites and likes,

It makes me jump, with a unexpected 'Yikes!'

The most popular Movellas are mostly 1D,

I'd rather go on an infinite shopping spree. 


So I ask you again, Fanfics, what's the obsession?

My face is still stuck in a 'Shocked' expression.

Maybe there should be two Movellas, for 1D and us,

I don't think that would cause such a fuss.

It just bamboozles me, the dedication and amount,

Of 1D fanfics that rise in a mount.

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