forget, forgot, forgotten ?

Alex is an really normal girl. When she is 12 she falls in love with a boy while on vacation. When they return the next summer everything is perfect. They keep in touch but over the year the contact slowly fades away. When the next summer comes around he isn’t there. In a moment of complete anger and heartbroken she deletes all the contact information. All that’s left are the pictures. Almost directly after she feels miserable. A whole year go’s by and she is sure they will never meet again, a summer passes and she stay’s home. But almost a summer later she sees a clip on youtube, and there he is. Singing on the X-factor. Will they be reunited? And does he still remember her?


7. chapter 7 - from bad to worse

Final goodbye’s?

                The summer of 2006 was just too perfect to be true. Everything was great between me and my dad. Niall and I were doing great; I had the time of my life. We stayed for 4 weeks until we had to go again. I found that way too soon. I didn’t want to leave paradise, but I had no choice I guess.

                The following year was not really special also. I looked forward to the summer, texted a bit with Niall but less than the previous year. When summer finally came I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to be back at terschelling. When we came I immediately texted Niall. No respond… I remember thinking that it was quite odd. But yea, I guess I had the silent hope that he would come. Then after 2 days I got a text “hello a, look! My summer love! Cute isn’t she? X Neil.” I remember being completely heartbroken. I ran to “our” place and just crossed out ours names in the bench. Drawing little lines through all the hearts that were on it. I deleted his number, blocked everything. The pictures were the only thing I kept from him. I had copies of each, like I had from every picture 2 copies. I burned one set, the other set I attached to the bench. “A forgotten love, a broken promise…” I wrote next to it. Then the date and only my name. Then I asked my dad if we could go, just go away from terschelling.  I never went back there again.

                The year that followed wasn’t perfect. It was far from it. Of course I already regretted deleting Niall from my life but there was no turning back. My dad broke his promise. His wife couldn’t stand me so I had to go, my mum slept around much and became the towns joke aka a slut. Well, that was all my words about her. Sometimes a one-night stand of her would slap me. One abused me. My life couldn’t get worse at some point. But then Mike returned into my life, I think that was my breaking point. Like the final straw. I slid both my wrist, and then I fell unconscious. Too bad, because my mum found me and called an ambulance, after 3 weeks of coma I woke up again in the same miserable life. I knew it wasn’t right but I always blamed Niall for all of it. He was the first one to break his promise. Two years passed and my life had gone from worse to worst. I was just chilling on my laptop as suddenly my mum came home, completely drunk. I walked downstairs to see my mum with a bottle in her hand collapse on the ground. That was almost end. I wasn’t sad, I was emotionless. After her collapse she told me that I had to go live with my dad because I was a terror child. I couldn’t go to my dad either so I kind of had nowhere else to go then a guy I hated with all my heart.

                Niall had auditioned for the X-Factor and made it big with his band One Direction. His address was really easy to find because seriously, those Directioners are like, they have connections at the FBI I think. They know everything! So as soon as I had the address I packed most of my belongings and some cash and took a train to England. Form where I would travel to Mullingar. Let the journey to my old “friend” begin...


So the next chapter will be in present!! WHOOPWHOOOOP. I hope you like the story so far? I really enjoy writing it, anyways. As I’m not really a fan of authors notes this isn’t long… I LOVE YOU!


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