forget, forgot, forgotten ?

Alex is an really normal girl. When she is 12 she falls in love with a boy while on vacation. When they return the next summer everything is perfect. They keep in touch but over the year the contact slowly fades away. When the next summer comes around he isn’t there. In a moment of complete anger and heartbroken she deletes all the contact information. All that’s left are the pictures. Almost directly after she feels miserable. A whole year go’s by and she is sure they will never meet again, a summer passes and she stay’s home. But almost a summer later she sees a clip on youtube, and there he is. Singing on the X-factor. Will they be reunited? And does he still remember her?


18. chapter 18 - backstage drama.

Around one o’clock – Middlesbrough Arena.

Alex’ P.O.V.

I was currently getting a piggy back ride from Mike. We were at the Arena where the X-Factor tour would be, and Mike had to be in early. At the door we were greeted by Jack. “Good afternoon Prince and Princess Cuteness.” He said with a huge grin. We just laughed it off. Jack was a good friend of Mike, and we were getting along great. He always called us the Prince and Princess of cuteness. In the Hall the rest always referred to us as the “cute couple”. Everybody knew we weren’t together though. They just found it funny, and they found us cute. Thinking about it my grin only grew. These past three weeks were perfect! Mike and I have gotten really close. I have gotten new friends. I have a job, but it’s part time. Past few weeks I travelled with Mike. At first they made a big point out of it that I came along. But now I’m like a part of the backstage family. It’s really fun in here actually, there is this place called the Hall. All the artists hang out around the Arena but the Hall is the only place they’re not allowed. It’s the big hangout place for all the security guards. The security is not as good as you’d think. Yeah, there are loads of guards but most of the time we were playing games in the Hall. Sometimes we make something really big out of it and sometimes there are just some sofas and consoles. “This time the Hall is a surprise for everybody. When the concert starts you are allowed to go there. Before you can’t” Jack smiled at us. Yayy! The last time there was a surprise they made like a big maze thingy and we played laser tag. Mike ran off to a changing room with me still on his back. We quickly changed into his uniform as I waited for him to be ready. “Hop on M’lady!” he said as soon as he was ready. I jumped on his back and he ran out of the dressing room. First we ran to the cafeteria. At this point the artists weren’t here, only security. We ate some lunch and then Mike left me with Michael. He had to run some checks and fix some things; basically he had to do his job. Michael was another close friend of me. Every time Mike had to work we hung out. All of the security was guys. I didn’t mind though, I always gotten along better with guys than girls. We chilled in the cafeteria for two hours until Jade came running in. No, not Jade Thirlwall. Jade from communication. “The artists have arrived and will be here soon.” This didn’t mean we had to leave; it was just a heads up. Some of the guys didn’t go on well with some of the artists. They thought that the artists had no respect for them. There was a fight once, so now you knew that if you didn’t want to cross paths with them you had to leave. Jack and Michael knew I knew Perrie. They also knew I didn’t want her to see me. Michael grabbed my wrist and pulled me through some doors. “Let’s go to the stage Alexxxx” he said, dragging out the x in my name. Sometimes he’s a little childish. At the stage we ran into Mike, who took me with him again. He climbed in some pillar that stood next to the stage. “Come here Princess!” he yelled from the top of the Pillar. He wasn’t the creative type so he just called me sweet names. Most of the time it was pumpkin, munchkin, love and Princess. I didn’t mind though, I was creative enough for a nickname though. I always called him M&M. it stood for Mini Mike. I knew he hated it, when we were younger I used to call him that. The guys in the Hall took over my little nickname; Jack even changed his name card to M&M. I climbed to the top only to find a little platform. We just cuddled there. Neither of us saying anything. Suddenly Perrie walked on the stage. I tensed up a little and Mike noticed. He squeezes my thighs a little and tightens his grip. Perrie can’t see me! She can’t know I’m here! Panic fills my body as my mind goes off on its own. “Princes… hey princess, calm down love. Hush, she can’t see you. She won’t notice you. Although I still think you have to talk to her…” his voice calmed me down a bit and I relaxed at his touch. Jade, Leigh-anne and Jesy followed soon after. Perrie looked in to the crowd a bit and bit her nails. “Do you think she might be in the audience today?” her voice sounded hopeful. Who might be in the audience today I wondered by myself as Jade spoke; “well, this tour is just three weeks done, you have a lot of weeks. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t and maybe next gig.” She sounded tired, a little sad for the fact Perrie desperately wanted someone to be here. It took me a while before the quarter fell. She waits for me to show up! Damn, why didn’t she just forget me like everybody else? “You do realize nobody forgot you? I still have contact with some of them, they always ask if I have heard of you…” mikes voice whispered in my ear. They haven’t forgotten? That was something I couldn’t imagine. I had always believed they ran away from me, leaving me on my own so why would anybody remember me. But as Mike had taught me these past weeks they didn’t ran off, I had shot them out. They had never stopped caring. “Have you told them you found me?” I whispered back. Keeping my voice low. I couldn’t imagine the drama and horror is Perrie discovered our little hiding place. “No, if you’re ready I will.” He knew me very good. He knew I wasn’t ready. It was a big shock though, learning they hadn’t forgotten. After twenty minutes Perrie left, the rest of the girls following soon. Some other contestants came up to the stage, in three hours the show would start. We climbed out the pillar and the people on the stage looked quite shocked. I climbed on Mike’s back again and we got back to a room with some benches. I’m really lazy and I always tell Mike to get stronger, in case you wondered why he always gives me piggy back rides. He is really caring. I don’t love him though. Oh how I wanted it. With him everything was simple and fun. He was sweet, funny, caring but he could be serious and protective. But I guess I can’t give him my heart as it belongs to Niall. That name still brought tears to my eyes. Why can’t love be easy? A sharp pain travelled up my spine as Mike dropped me to the floor. “Auch, what was that for asshole?” I mumbled jokingly. It was after I had looked up at him that I noticed, his eyes stood protective but worried. Who the hell did he saw? “Who did you see Mikeyyyy?” I whined like a three year old kid. He just shakes his head. “No. it was nobody. Just forget about it aye?” so it was somebody who I couldn’t know off… interesting. I knew he wouldn’t bulge sadly enough, but blame a girl for trying. We just chilled a bit and before we knew the concert had started. Jack came barging in the room “you are allowed in the Hall now.” His smirk growing wider. We followed him through some corridors and came up to a big door. All the lads from security had gathered, 4 of them including Jack standing in front of the door facing everyone. “Before you can enter we make teams, so the lads from west go to the right, and the lads from east go to the left. Our cute couple goes on the right.” We all followed his orders and soon there were two equal teams. They opened the doors only to reveal the biggest Hall yet. The space was huge, like enormous! But I couldn’t really see any walls, because in front of us was a map set up. It was an exact replica of the Nuke town map in BlackOps. My jaw dropped at the floor, it was amazing! It was like a dream coming true. How many days had I spend gaming, running around and killing people in this place… and now it was right in front of me. My little zone-out moment was abruptly interrupted by Mike. “Alex, this is awesome I know. But we need to get our gear, were going paintballing!” this is why I loved it here so much. There was always something cools to do. Like freaking paintballing. I mean, nobody even knew about the Hall and the events that took place in there. It was like a secret under the security guards and the managers of the X-Factor of course! I couldn’t wait to begin! After we had all our stuff on we began a hardcore game. I always sticked with Mike, teaming inside a team. After twenty minutes everybody was dead in our team except for Mike and I. on the other team there were like ten people left. Sounds almost impossible right? Well not for us I think. No, we weren’t planning on camping but we had some skills…


Niall’s P.O.V.

We were on our way to the MiddlesBrough arena at this moment. Zayn was jumping in his seat, super excited to see Perrie again. Is you’d seen it you would agree with the fact that it’s almost the cutest thing you’ll ever see. I don’t want to mention the thing I find cutest, because it’s something from the person I try to forget. Whoopwhoop, I feel like I’m speaking in riddles. Oh Tom Riddle! Or should I say Lord Voldemort? He he he. “You shouldn’t say his name, and you shouldn’t speak your thoughts.” Louis voice ripped my little thinking rant. Oh great, Zayn had heard me! I looked up to him but I had this look in his eyes. Thank god, he was thinking so deep he hadn’t heard. Liam was sleeping a little bit. We had to wake up crazy early to make it to the arena before four o’clock. This meant waking up at five in the morning, but with Liam taking charge and all he had woken up around four. It was rather funny how he lay in the car. His head on Harry’s lap and his feet and waist on the ground. Forgot het seatbelt I guess. Harry was listening to some music and looking outside. He always got a little sick when we travelled by car, it made his tummy ace or something. Louis was reading something, a fan book. Every few minutes he would laugh about something and read it to me. I was eating some Nando’s. I mean, my breakfast was hours ago it was already 8 so that had been three hours. This would be a long ride…

We made it there at three o’clock. Zayn and Perrie jumped in each other’s arms and went over in a PDA session, gross. We chilled a bit in the cafeteria and in the dressing rooms. It was actually quite fun, Leigh-Anne played a lot of pranks on the other contestants and Louis helped her. Zayn and Perrie couldn’t take a break from their PDA, or at least that’s what it looked like. Every time I turned to look at then they were kissing or snogging. We were running around a bit when suddenly we were send off to the head of security again… great! So maybe we weren’t allowed to keep a prank war and terrorize but hey, we can’t help we want a little fun right? It was the same old same old. Nothing new he added since our departure. We had heard this story so many times. My thoughts drifted away once again, but this time not for long. “Did you find you friend… uhh, Mike in his apartment actually?” I totally forgot that, how could i? “Uuh, no…” I made my voice drift away. It brought back sad memories and all. “Well he’s working today so maybe you’ll run into him.” He gave me hopeful smile. A smile I returned greatly. Oh this was such good news! I couldn’t wait to see the lads and tell them! This might be our only shot to get to Mike, and Mike mend Alex… but I wasn’t supposed to care anymore! How could I forget? No, I am not chasing her anymore, I’ll just not tell the lads he is here. Yeah, that I’ll do. When I returned from the office I noticed the time sped by. The show was already started. We chose to hang out in the cafeteria while the show lasted. We were just chilling and eating when two guys came in, looking very funny. Well, they just looked like they didn’t belong. I mean, they were wearing Paintball outfits! Much to my surprise they began talking to the chef. Us being us, we went over there to eavesdrop on them. “So now it’s just the couple versus the brothers… I swear, princess and prince cute make a dream-team. But we can join again in like ten minutes I think? So if you could get everything ready for her routine? Just don’t tell her I asked you?” this guy asked the chef. So there was some kind of paintballing place in here where they were playing and apparently there’s a couple here that everybody seems smitten with. That’s funny, not weird at all! Tssk. “can we join the game?” Zayn suddenly asked. The sudden sound made the tough guy jump a bit. He looked at us in deep thought, as if he needed to overthink it really deep. After what seemed like ages he agreed. He mentioned for us to follow him and the other lad. On the way to ‘the hall’ they told us about everything we needed to know. Their names were Michael and Jack and there was a place for security guys to hang out and they did paintballing this time. Nobody knew of it1 that only made it more awesome! When we were almost there he changed to the subject of people that were in there. “So there’s our couple and the brothers, than you have the 8 and the five T’s. Here are all little groups and they are divided in two. I think you and you…” he said pointing to me and Louis… “Should join the couple’s team. Oh wait! And you two.” He said while motioning for harry. Zayn and Liam were at the other team and we entered the hall. It was such an amazing place! It was like nuke town in black ops and that was like my favorite game! Jack led us up to a box that was hanging in the enormous space. Inside there were like 30 other guys standing looking at the screens. I could only see two very buff guys when suddenly they both got shot. One half of the room cheered, the others mumbled a bit in disappointment. A green light came over the room and the room got emptier, as everybody got out to talk in the field. The sight was rather funny and adorable. There were a guy and a girl holding hands and spraying each other in paint as everybody cheered around them. So they had to be the cute couple everybody is so smitten with. I had to admit they were extremely cute but there was something wrong about it, although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Jack went to say something and mentioned for us to come closer. As we walked towards them he and the guy walked over to us, leaving the girl behind. She turned around and started to talk to some other guy and I focused my gaze on the guy waking his was towards us. When they were only a few feet away from us my vision froze. It felt like an ice cold wind was tickling my skin with every step he took on my direction. His happy eyes changed immediately, as soon as he recognized me. He looked angry and his hands were curled up in balls. How can he be angry to see me, he is the one that almost raped a girl! Jack still wore his smile, completely unaware of the tension. The air in the huge space was suddenly thick, and swallowing costs me energy. I felt all the happy and carefree emotion just escape, to make place for this bitter and dark hate. Pure hate, dark and bitter. “So this is my good friend Mike, he’s gonna tell you how everything works.” Than he left, leaving us with him. We stood in a wall of five against one. Everybody was moody, affected by his presence. “What are you doing here little dick.” He spat at me. Looking directly in my eyes with a dead hard gaze. This made me angry, how can he be upset while I should be mad at him. “No, this is not how it works. You are not going to tell me what to do. Who is that poor girlfriend of yours! I should warn her for you and tell her to run while she can. What did you do to Alex? Her whole life is a mess because of you!” the words flew out of my mouth, as fast as I could. I just needed this off my chest before I could finally give up on her. I was just standing there looking smug and suddenly a sharp pain hit my jaw. I stumbled a few feet backwards only to be catched by my mates. “YOU made her whole life a mess. YOU are responsible for her pain. YOU are the reason she is broken. YOU should try and fix her, but oh no you didn’t. You didn’t even try.” His harsh words cut like knifes. What did he mean it was my fault? “Nope, it isn’t my fault it’s yours! But I’m not going to fight over her with you. I have given up on chasing her; I have given up on fixing her. She’s all yours to toy around with mate.” Another punch, this time in my stomach. Then another one on my jaw. “How can she be in love with such a dick like you!” he yelled out, kicking me once again. Suddenly I felt nothing anymore, I only heard a voice; “Mike! Mikey!” a worried scream sounded, echoing through the hall. “Please stop Mike, you are going to get in trouble, please?” after this girl was done speaking his punching continued. “MIKE! You are scaring Alex. Get the fuck off this guy!” jack screamed. His punching and kicking stopped. Wait, what?! Scaring Alex? Alex as in MY LEXI? I opened my eyes only to see something I never would’ve expected. “Shhh Alex, it’s alright now. I’m not going to hurt him anymore. Stop crying love, please? He just pissed me off. How can you love a monster like that?” his voice cooed in her ear. She seemed to calm down a little but you could still hear her irregulairy breathing. There she was, my Alex. Standing in the arms of the wrong guy. Crying in Mike’s arms. Being vulnerable and taken care of. He swept her of her feet and carried her towards a little bench. Just out of my hearing. I felt hands tilt me up and bring me somewhere but I didn’t care, all I could think was Alex and Mike. Those three words kept repeating. Alex and Mike, Alex and Mike, Alex and Mike. I fell into a dark hole, only thinking of my Alex in the arms of Mike. That should’ve been me.

                                                     A wet and slick feeling woke me up. “oh thank god, he is awake again.” heard Liam say. Was I out then? The last thing I remembered was Alex crying and Mike soothing her. “should we tell him?” Louis asked. It was harry to speak the next; “no, he’s a dick and deserves it!” oh great, somehow I had gotten Harry against me. “I agree with my hazz. It’s up to you Zayn and Leeeeyum.” I heard Louis whining. Oh just fabulous, Louis hates me too? “why do you guys hate me so much aye?  I did nothing wrong.” I heard Louis scoff at me and than harry spoke up again, he sounded angry. “you gave up on Alex, pissed off Mike. And basically just screwed up bigtime. Alex heard your whole conversation! She knows about you blaming Mike of her mess. She said to us to keep you away from Mike, dude. This means one; she has forgiven him. Two; she cares for him. And three; she is on Mike’s side. We are too by the way. I bet you want to know why aye? Two of you rfour brothers siding with the guy who tried to rape her? Well, easy. He fixed her a little and won back her trust. He is loyal and caring for her. He protects her with his life, and he relies on her. He did everything you didn’t and somehow got her to forgive him. He is her Prince, and you obviously aren’t. he told us you know, he told us Alex’ whole story. She wanted us to know, she wanted us to understand her. She wanted that she had never blocked US out. And yes, I emphasized the US, because she did not mean you when she said it. Don’t you see? You let her break in front of you, actually let me rephrase that; YOU BROKE HER. And now you don’t even have the balls to fix her.” Harry breathed heavily when he was done with his rant. I heard Louis cheer GO MY HAZZA, and Liam sending them both away. “Me and Zayn are going to leave to. Let you some time to think kay?”



All this time Perrie had no clue of what was going on backstage. All she knew was that Zayn was watching her perform, but this time not alone. Alex, carefully wrapped up in Mike’s arms, was standing next to him. If she only knew what mess she would step in, as soon as she left the stage. I’ll bet my life on it she never would have gone of that stage. But then again, how could she know?


A/N : hey guys, so I have re-written this chapter so many times! Every time it would just get way to hectic or the story would get to complicated. I’m finally happy with the result! Sorry for the long wait but this was just a really hard part. I think I’m about to end this story, maybe five or six chapters to go. I wrote the final edit during math and it was so embarrassing. The teacher took my paper and wanted to read it to the whole class. I just grabbed it from his hands and ran out. So I got detention but it was kind off worth it. I mean, he just couldn’t read my story. Nobody likes him anyways. He is always rude and can’t teach for shit. So… feedback or just a comment maybe? ;$


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