forget, forgot, forgotten ?

Alex is an really normal girl. When she is 12 she falls in love with a boy while on vacation. When they return the next summer everything is perfect. They keep in touch but over the year the contact slowly fades away. When the next summer comes around he isn’t there. In a moment of complete anger and heartbroken she deletes all the contact information. All that’s left are the pictures. Almost directly after she feels miserable. A whole year go’s by and she is sure they will never meet again, a summer passes and she stay’s home. But almost a summer later she sees a clip on youtube, and there he is. Singing on the X-factor. Will they be reunited? And does he still remember her?


16. chapter 16 - really?!

The beautiful garden rooftop – London.


Mike’s p.o.v.

She asked it. The question I feared the most, but I saw it coming all along. Really, how could I not? It is what any victim wants to know right. It felt so bad, saying she was my victim. It felt like I had committed some crime. Maybe in some ways I did, but I told myself I didn’t; it just helped to make me feel slightly better about myself. I sighted deep, knowing I owed her an answer. I was just hoping she would understand it a little bit. “You know how we were always in one group of friends and really close? Well, everybody had their problems at home. You knew all about them so I won’t have to talk about it again. We were all scarred you know? Our parents and in some cases their absence had marked us throughout everything. I hated you, I loved you but I hated you so much. I don’t ask you to understand, and I’m not trying to justify myself but I want you to understand. I knew you had your secrets, but I thought of them as nothing. Not as big as ours. When we started something a dark plan came up in a moment of pure anger. How could you have everything do perfectly sorted out while I had nothing? I remembered how scared you were of me after the whole Emma and Sofia thing. That was not me though but my brother. I decided to give you a scar, a scratch in your perfect little world. I didn’t know how far from perfect your life would become in less than 24 months after that. We all knew about how your life fell apart, and we tried to help! But that’s a thing for another night. Please, it might be hard to understand but just don’t be to mad?” all the time during the talk I had looked at my feet, not having the courage to look up to those eyes. The feeling of soft skin lifting my chin up snapped me out of my world, back into the real one. She held my head up with one hand, the other on my chest. She looked deep into my eyes with her brown ones. “Somehow I understand. Not fully but enough to forgive you.” She spoke. I looked deep into her eyes looking for a spark that gave away she was joking. She forgave me? That was unexpected. I didn’t understand why, and with her forgiving me my feeling of guilt only grew. “I liked talking to you but I’m dying to go clubbing, just get my mind of everything and get drunk?” she looked hopeful into my eyes. I gave in to her pout but I would not let her out of my sight once. Seriously, she was not leaving my life. I couldn’t let her run away once again. I know her friends hate me till death, but I have to get her to make up with them. I had noticed her during her parents break-up. I knew all the inside details, as my mum was a cleaner of their house. I knew every little detail and saw her pushing away everybody who cared. Pushing them so far they wouldn’t dare to come back. But I did, I cared for her deeply. We quickly changed into something nice and got to a club. It was nice getting drunk and just let loose. Sweating bodies and hard music. Passion and lust. Getting away from everything.


Niall’s p.o.v.

We needed to find out Mike’s address as soon as possible. Alex could be in danger! The first emotion to catch me was fear; fear that he would do something to her. I was not sitting here and talk. We needed to take action! I thought about where Mike worked. Maybe we could get an address there? That’s when I remembered. He was at the X-Factor as a security guy! We were famous, we could get his address easily I thought to myself. I grabbed Perrie as she was close to Alex as well and jumped into a cab to the X-Factor studios. I ran in not caring about who was in my way. A few shouts and curses were thrown at my head. Not like I cared. I heard the clicking of heals behind me, telling me that Perrie was hot on my heels. I knew were the head of security was, he could tell me. I ran to my right looking for the all so familiar office. When we were at the X-Factor we used to get in trouble with the security guys, A LOT. It was not our fault that we just wanted to have fun! Honestly, those guys had to loosen up a little. Those scenes popped in my mind, making me think that maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t give us the information. I mean, we had pissed him off. And more than one time. I ran and ran, finding myself in a dead track. Seriously? Did I get lost? urgh. I groaned, there was no time to get lost! “Perrie, do you know where the head of security is? We got lost…” she was in this year’s season after all. Maybe they changed the corridors! It must have been the corridors changing. Niall Horan doesn’t get lost! She grabbed my wrist and took off in the opposite direction we had been running. We after we ran around three corners we bumped into the rest. We were lost, and that while we had no time to lose! Urgh, really? I was about to snap at all of them, for not finding the office as a though looking guy came up to us. “What do you think you are doing? Running around in here! This is not a playground! Do you want me to take you to the manager or something?” he spoke his last sentence and my mood instantly went from bad to good. I mean, normally people would be scared an apologize, but we needed this! “Yes please!” I replied. The look on his face was priceless. His brown eyes which had been dark and moody turned in milliseconds to baffled. The crinkles by his eyes must have formed of all the frowning, stretched out as his face fall. It was a really funny sight and I had to use all my self-control not to laugh. It would only make the situation worse. “Well, okay then.” He turned around on his Segway and mentioned for us to follow. In what felt like hours we made it to the office. The moody guy went first, closing the door behind him. We heard low mumbling through the door, after like 4 minutes the door opened. “Come in.” said a harsh voice which I recognized immediately. Shit, he was still the Manager. This made our chance like ninety-nine percent lower. He hated us, and he hated all our pranks. This wasn’t going to be easy. As we walked into the office I stood directly in front of him. Before he could speak I started. “I know you don’t like me. So let’s just cut to the case. I need the address of Mike Jansen.”  His expression didn’t change a bit and he stayed silent. Why couldn’t he just scream no in our faces and tell us to leave? Every moment I was there, knowing the data we needed was in there also was just killing. “All right. I’ll look up his file.” This was my moment of face-dropping. He did not just tell me he would give us the information. Holy cow, that is like flacking great! He came back to us after a few minutes of searching though his cabinets. He held up a file with his name on it. He handed over a copy of it and mentioned for us to leave. Just when we were about to close the door his voice held us up. “Don’t tell anyone or you’ll regret It.” he sounded like he was some Mafioso or something. Maybe he was?! 0_o my mind filled itself with thoughts about him being a member of the Mafia. That would be like, scary but also freaking awesome! It was already ten o’clock in the evening. No time to waste! We grabbed a cab and told him the address. During the car ride my fear turned into anger. Who did she think she was! Running off directly into Mike’s arms! Why did she run of! Who did she think she was, scaring me and Perrie most of all. Okay, so maybe she ran off because I was back in her life but still! I didn’t do anything on purpose. Why is she such a complicated girl? Why can’t she just be simple! How could I ever be so stupid to fall for her! I certainly didn’t love her anymore. All the drama she brought with and all the tears that were shed just were not worth it! I give up; I give up on this mess! I was not the person who would try to fix her anymore. I was SO done. I tapped on the shoulder of the taxi driver asking him to stop but he had already parked. We are here, that’ll be 40 bucks. He had to be kidding! I wasted 40 fucking bucks on that bitch? I was done; I was tired and just couldn’t bring myself to chase her anymore. I turned to my phone about to call Perrie with my decision as I saw my background. There she was, smiling. Her long brown hair knotting because of the sea, her body covered in sand. The smile that reached her eyes, showing her white pearly teeth. Her hand on her hip leaning into me. My arm hung over her shoulder and my lips were pressed to her temple. I was losing myself in her eyes even though it was just a picture. That was when I knew I couldn’t give up, just because she was so enchanting. The rest of the lads arrived and we walked over to the apartment. Not bothering to knock we kicked in the door. “ALEX?” I screamed at the top of my lungs. No response, the whole apartment was quiet. Scaringly quiet. I could hear my footsteps echoing through the hall and I saw a few doors. I knew Alex and somehow I knew where her room would be. It was more of a lucky guess but I opened a door, taking in the room in front of me. There was not much in it, boring white walls. But the thing that caught my attention were the 2 purple suitcases that were parked in a corner. That was Alex’ stuff! She was living here, but where was she?! Why wasn’t she home? I gave up. I freaking gave up. It was the final straw. This time I wasn’t going to be her prince charming that came and saved her. “I FUCKING GIVE UP! I GIVE UP ON CHAING HER. I GIVE UP ON LOVING HER. I GIVE UP ON CARING, GIVING A SHIT. THIS IS IT!” I yelled. It was partly the desperation and tiredness, but there was a bit of convincing in my voice. I wasn’t bluffing, I just gave up. I gave up on my life. I took out my phone and changed my background. I kept the photo’s but not on a not so dominant place. What would happen if I ever saw her again? I knew the answer; I knew I would care again. But now, in her new home I just gave up. Fate wouldn’t let us meet again, as they obviously kept screwing me and her over and over again. I walked out, the lads hot on my tail. I knew they would ask questions. My voice reached every corner of the apartment. But at this point they kept quiet and I was thankful for that. I still had to process every event of the night and I needed my peace. Zayn and Perrie dropped me of at my place and made sure I wasn’t going to do anything stupid. I saw they worried looks, and the pity. But I didn’t want pity. How could she move in with him? She would never feel safe or forgive him. I mean, what I did was less bad and she couldn’t forgive me right? Or maybe she had forgiven him and they were friends, again? Were they ever friends? I remember Alex telling me about how it worked in her world. Chilling with people you didn’t like or never met just because you had to. There wasn’t much of a choice. Maybe, just maybe she forgave him and they were hitting off. I just drifted off in a restless sleep. Determent to get her out of my head. It just had to work!


A/N: hey guys! Sorry for this chapter, it’s just a filler. Or a real chapter but really short. Anyways, sorry you had to wait so long but I had a really bad week. I told my best friend of my problems which was really hard for me to do. Thank god he reacted well. But like, he had a girlfriend and I told him I didn’t really like her? And the next day he broke up with her. And like, I feel like it’s my fault. And I’m scared that he likes me again. We had like a rocky past because we kind off has something. And it never worked. And then I was in love, and after he was. It was really confusing and stuff. And now I feel guilty but happy? Because he really deserved way better than her! And I had like a huge fight with my dad because I lost my medicine and so I ran out. It was really really bad. And I decided to put after this short one another filler. But I promise it’ll get better with Alex. I mean, she already lost one chaser from the past just with talking! Now she doesn’t have to be scared of Mike! I feel actually really proud of her, considering it’s something I can’t do in the real life. I was really happy with her and Mike talking but really Niall?!?! Giving up on her so fast? I actually thought you would have more in you. It’s disappointing me Ni L she is broken and you think you can’t fix her. Maybe I should send someone to make you come to your senses. Maura maybe? We’ll see, but don’t think you can give up this easy fella…

I’m weird because I talk to my characters in my authors note. Yupp, but I like kind off do not really care. Sorry not sorry.

i think i'll have the next chapter up tonight if my internet doesn't ditch me... may be odds be in my favor for once please?!

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