forget, forgot, forgotten ?

Alex is an really normal girl. When she is 12 she falls in love with a boy while on vacation. When they return the next summer everything is perfect. They keep in touch but over the year the contact slowly fades away. When the next summer comes around he isn’t there. In a moment of complete anger and heartbroken she deletes all the contact information. All that’s left are the pictures. Almost directly after she feels miserable. A whole year go’s by and she is sure they will never meet again, a summer passes and she stay’s home. But almost a summer later she sees a clip on youtube, and there he is. Singing on the X-factor. Will they be reunited? And does he still remember her?


11. chapter 11 - the day after,

The morning after the finale. – London – 2011

 My eyes felt heavy as I slowly started to wake up. I always sleep as long as possible. If somebody would’ve told me that 7 years ago I would think they were crazy. I used to sleep till seven o’clock. And that was late for me. That changed after my first holiday in another country. I went to china, so when I came back the jet-lag got me hard. My mum woke me up asking how late I thought that it was, I told her it felt like six o’clock in the morning, turns out it was five o’clock in the evening. I don’t know what it is but since puberty I slept until I needed to pee. That was the feeling that always woke me up, guess today I different. I woke up with a feeling I had a good night sleep. I jumped under the shower feeling full of energy. I opened my phone to see a text from Perrie – staying at zayns’ place. Come over today? I’ll text you the address later. - I had a feeling Niall might be there, but I went over anyways, my life can’t go worse. Well, that’s what I thought. I made breakfast and called a cab. Around eleven he picked me up, off to zayn! I was kind of excited because I knew Perrie would have so much to tell. The cab stopped at a mega huge mansion in some neighborhood quite far from the center of London. It looked very new, with a really cool design. It was beautiful; I wish I could afford something like that. It took me some courage to get up there. I was about to walk over as I heard a voice scream “Hey! You’re that Lex girl!” who the hell called me that. I turned around to see Louis smiling a couple of meters behind me. “The name is Alex actually.” I rolled my eyes, who does this boy think he is being so rude. Ohyea, one fifth of one direction. Not that that makes it better. “Sass much hook-up girl?” I hated him already, Jesus. “Please tell me that you’re here totally coincidental and you’re not on your way to zayn?” I practically begged him; of course he answered what I already expected. “Too bad for you miss sass much, that’s exactly where I’m heading. You too I guess?” in response I rolled my eyes. I think good night thinking had helped as I could speak again. But I was sure if I ran into Niall or Mike I would go mute for god knows how long. I walked to the door, when I was about to knock Louis just screamed; “THE SWAGMASTA IS HERE! BETTER OPEN THAT DOOR BADBOY. I BROUGHT MISS SASSY.” After 20 whole seconds zayn opened the door. “What took you so long peasant?” Louis exclaimed as he strutted in. urgh, annoying prick. I think we’re going to go on really well, although it might take some time. I thought that zayn answered really quickly though. “Are you gonna come in or is my house to scary?” zayn winked. I felt my cheeks redden. Oh djeez, I have to stop getting lost in my thoughts its becoming awkward.

 I stepped in the house only to meet Perrie, who was running to me through the hall. “L-DAAWG! How was your night?” she asked concerned. “I’m fine really.” She smiled big. “You talk again!” I pushed her to a dark corner. “For now yea, but I think if I meet Niall again it might go wrong. It was really really hard. Is he in here?” at first she looked confused. “Ooh Niall! Nope, but I’m not sure if it stays that way…” that was good enough. We sat down on the couch and just chilled. After a while Liam and Harry came barging through the door. Only Niall was missing. I guess he’ll be here soon, if he’s here I’m gone. Liam, Harry and Louis were in an argument about candy? These boys are pretty weird. Anyways, Perrie and Zayn are totally lost in each other. I really felt like I didn’t belong. I packed my stuff; thank god I took my camera this morning. “P? I’m going to terrorize the beach. See you at home?” she got a little red in her cheeks. “I’m so sorry, did you feel like a third wheel?” sort off, but it’s all right. All the boys are here except one so I think I have to head off. “What is it that you two have against niall?”I flinched at his name, pain and hurt went through my eyes. I was not going to answer that question. I looked at Perrie for help. “Nothing… totally nothing.” All the boys looked like they didn’t believe, can I blame them? But they knew not to push it. I was about to head out as the doorbell rang; as I was leaving I opened the door only to see the person I didn’t want to see.

Fuck, why is he here? Oh right, stupid. I’m at zayn’s place. Great just fucking great. “Alex? Is it really you?” just like I had expected I gain mute once again. I didn’t want to and I couldn’t say a word to him. I focused my eyes on the ground behind him as I ran past him, out. Away from here, away from Niall. The only place I could think about was the beach. But that also had memories of him… I didn’t want to go, but as always the beach was the best way to calm down. So I jumped in a cab and set off to the beach.

Niall’s p.o.v.

I was standing in front of zayn’s house, still rethinking what happened yesterday. She had been there. The day had begun normal, just me and the lads hanging out. We were asked to perform at the finale of the x-factor this year. It was super exciting. To think just last year we were standing there coming in 3rd and now we are the main guest act. Almost unbelievable. The plan was to perform 4 songs. First what makes you beautiful, then a cover of torn then moments and last but not least forever young. Everything was going great, we show went on good. But during moments somebody came watching from the side. I looked over to the side to see her; I immediately knew she wasn’t from the staff. She didn’t really catch my attention other than that she looked hurt. She was really pretty though. Forever young began and I looked over to see if she was still standing there. She was, only she looked blank. She was also crying. That was when it hit me; she looked so much like Alex. Maybe I was going mental, I was thinking of her only because this was our song, it couldn’t be Alex. She saw me looking and suddenly she ran off. Maybe it was her; I had to go run after her. I couldn’t let her slip away again! The song seemed like it never ended. When it did I quickly ran off stage, the other boys following close. “What’s going on Niall? Why are you in such a hurry?” the only thing I could say was “she was here… she was here.” I repeated it over and over again. I turned around the corner only to bump into Perrie. She was walking towards somebody, that somebody was screaming. I could recognize that scream everywhere, it was from Alex! “Alex!” Perrie screamed as she ran over to her. I saw some guy from security standing over her. Perrie pushed him aside. I had to now “Alex?” I asked. I slowly walked closer only to hear; “It... its m... M... m... ike.” I felt anger built up inside me. Mike was here and she was screaming because of him. How could he, how dare he touch her. I remembered, I remembered very well. How she was too afraid to go into the woods, all because of him. I was so angry I couldn’t hold it in. . “What are you doing here mike?” I asked, my voice trying to sound harsh but I was on the edge of crying. “Do I know you?” that little smile on his face and how I wanted to ick it of off him. “No, but I know you.” I spoke again “Should I be flattered, the great big and famous Niall horan knows my name?” his voice filled with (spot). This was it. “How could you!” I screamed. I pushed him up the wall, ready to beat the living hell out of this guy. “Niall, mate? What’s going on? This is not you?” I heard Liam ask, he was always so worried. Normally I didn’t care but at this time it annoyed me so much.  “Get out of here. Both of you! Mike is your name? Get back to the manager and keep away from Niall. Niall go to your dressing room, and don’t even try to get near Alex. Same for you Mike, I don’t know who you are but you clearly scare the shit out of her. She has gone mute you jerks. Now get out!” I heard Perrie say, she was angry really angry. What did Alex tell her? Did Perrie know her side of the story? The side I was thinking about ever since I couldn’t contact her? I bet she did. I guess that’s way she’s so mad at me. I deserve it. I still had that jerk Mike pushed up against the wall. No way that I’m going to let this chance slip. My fist was about to connect with his jaw as I felt four strong hands tearing me off him. How could they? I needed to punch him. Jerks. At that point I could kill Louis and Harry. I yelled that they had to let me go, but they dragged me to our dressing room. “What the hell was that mate?” uh oh... Liam sounded very angry. “Nothing, leave me alone.” I spoke. “Not until you tell” Louis said with that child voice of him. Anger got the best of me. “STOP ASKING. LEAVE. ME. ALONE.” I yelled out as I pushed him up to the wall, the same as I did with Mike. Liam looked shocked and Louis looked hurt. They all left the room, leaving me with my thoughts. I only had a couple of minutes of silence as someone walked in. “leave now. I don’t want to talk.” I said, not looking up. “Too bad ya have to. Alex has gone mute but Perrie needs to know what it was with that Mike guy. You have to tell me, so I can tell Perrie.” Alex had gone mute? Was it my fault? Oh I bet it was. Oh how I wish that it would’ve gone different. But no, universe screwed up. I slowly began to speak. The details I left out, it hurted. Thinking I could’ve punched the shit out of that guy but my band mate’s had to stop me. “He harassed her while she was 10. He was 11; they were one a late night scary walk through the woods on school camp. It made here afraid of woods. He scarred her for life.” I felt myself getting angry all over again. “It’s ok, hey mate. Relax; he’ll get what he deserves some day. Just don’t do it yourself. I don’t know what it is but Perrie doesn’t like you and she looks hurt, she starts to cry if someone mentions your name, it’s pretty fucked up dude.” I made her cry? I felt so bad. If only she hadn’t start to cut again. Zayn got up to leave. “Wait! Please check her left wrist?” a weird request, but it was always the left one. He never came back. We had to go to stage to congratulate the winners, Zayn was already standing there. Everybody could see he was crushing hard on Perrie. It’s was kind of adorable, and it helped me. Perrie was really close with Alex, as she trusted her with things as Mike and our summers. So if Zayn was with Perrie I could get closer to Alex. “Hey, who’s that behind you zaynieboy. Got a new hook-up?” Louis said to zayn. How rude to speak about a girl, he better be just joking. But then I saw, it was Alex. “LITTLE MIX!” she looked relieved knowing that we would have to go up there in a matter of seconds so nobody could speak again. Then she jumped and looked happy, hugged zayn and went to the stage. I guess that was it. Perrie and Zayn were flirting nonstop during the after party but I couldn’t see Alex anywhere. I hoped Perrie would go with Zayn, that way I would see Alex again. Selfish I know.

                I was totally lost in my thoughts. I had standing on his doorstep for 20 minutes already! Time to ring the bell. The door almost immediately opened, and there she was. She looked perfect, the sun made her eyes big and it gave a gold’isch glow to her hair. She was so beautiful. “Alex? Is it really you?” was all I managed to say. They didn’t say a word. I just knew it hurted her to see me. She quickly brushed past me and ran off. I think I need to talk to Perrie, if she let me speak. She didn’t seem to like me. No shit Sherlock. A voice in me said. I think it’s time for me to go in. as I walked in the living room I saw Zerrie cuddled up on the first cough. And the rest of the boys were in a heated argument about any on the other couch. Any other moment I would’ve joined them but now I had to speak to Perrie. Seeing her face expression turning as I walked in I knew it would be quite the challenge…


A/N; from now on i'm going to switch points of view. most of the time it'll just be Alex or Niall, but to make it easier to understand the rest of the boy's will be sometimes... if you read my story i just want to say; i loove you so flacking much!! please tell people about it if you liked it :$


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