forget, forgot, forgotten ?

Alex is an really normal girl. When she is 12 she falls in love with a boy while on vacation. When they return the next summer everything is perfect. They keep in touch but over the year the contact slowly fades away. When the next summer comes around he isn’t there. In a moment of complete anger and heartbroken she deletes all the contact information. All that’s left are the pictures. Almost directly after she feels miserable. A whole year go’s by and she is sure they will never meet again, a summer passes and she stay’s home. But almost a summer later she sees a clip on youtube, and there he is. Singing on the X-factor. Will they be reunited? And does he still remember her?


1. chapter 1 - introduce myself

I am Alex. I’m 16 and I live in Holland. I will tell you the story about why I’m in the train to England. So until I am in England this story is in the past. I will write it in different points of view so that its simpeler to understand. I am a really ordinairy girl. I’m not the populair kid, but also not a nobody. The whole girly-girl scene is not for me. I like boxing and football, climbing tree’s and I’m not afraid to get dirty. That annoy’s my parents a lot though. They are very strict you know? they always wanted the perfect girl. I was far from perfect, my mum had told me that so many times. They didn’t know about this trip to England. I bet my dad wouldn’t approve. I told dad that I was at mum’s and mum that I was at dad’s. cliché isn’t it? Well it works in my family, my dad cant stand my mum and she cant stand him. They never call me when im at the others.. it doesn’t bother me thouh, I never saw them as my parents I think, I don’t even think if I love them. That sounds a bit hard eh? Well, as the story contenius I think you will find out why..



hey guys!! so its my first ever fan fiction, i've written them ever since i became a fan but never really had the guts to put them out on a wedsite i think.. well,anyways.. if you read this I LOVE YOU FOR CLICKING ON MY BOOK! ;D


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