In the Sky (chapter 4)

The continuation for the competition. (school makes our class do it)


1. The Crash


A cracking sound rushed through the train along with the shock wave, which pushes Izzala out of her seat.

As the trains crushes and Izzala flies through the empty space in the train, all her life rushes in front of her eyes. She saw how she was born on a dirty bed somewhere in the center of France. She was Held by her human mother and was kindly watched by her Dordonian father standing right beside her. It was the end of the 16th century and her father was hiding from the church, as he was blamed for doing witch craft.

Then Izzala remembered how her father hid her from the crusaders, who came to kill him and all his family. He put her inside of a basket gently putting a medallion on her neck. He said “If you truly wish something it wi …” the same second one of the Christian soldiers slayed him with a sword, dying he fell on the basket covering it with his body. The crusaders have not noticed the baby Izzala and left the house raping and killing her mother.

Izzala now clearly remembered how a family of farmers have found her in a burnt down house and raised her. Then she remembered how she was taught magic by the other Dordonians. She was never good at it, but she learnt some things in the past four hundred years.

But all of this did not matter now when she was flying through the air in the middle of the train. The only thing she wanted now is to be somewhere else, safe with Cyri.

The same second she felt something very strange in her chest, coming from her medallion. Moments later she finds herself in the audience of a football game standing next to Cyri.  

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