In the sky 4

The continuation of the previous chapters, Hope you enjoy!


1. The Re-Assemblage

She was still under the shock, and was breathing heavily, she looked around and saw a sinister view of the city, it was dark and very misty.


She didnt really recognise what was around her and saw someone further away. She had to clear her eyes Because she couldnt see really clearly. She came back to reality and then remembered that she had found the blood of the guy had been searching for her. She searched for ages, and had seen a shining blade. It was barely visible behind the crashed door of the train. Izalla picked it up and heard someone shouting behind her. She looked back and saw how the train had crashed into the other, it was a huge accident since the middle of the train had lifted on the back. She didnt believe that she had survived, there was such a big crash between the two high speed trains.


Kieran lifted himself from the floor, and tried to take a few steps. He looked far ahead of him and wanted to search for his blade. In the sky was a huge hieroglyph. He searched in his mind what it meant because he had taken classes of egyptian when he was really young.He finally remembered what it meant, Premonition. It took time for him to figure out what it exactly meant, but Kieran was missing his glasses and couldnt see much. He had noticed somebody coming towards him, from far. He tried to peer to figure it out and realised it was the girl he was searching for the whole time.


They kept on staring at eachother, but none spoke. This was one of the most awkward situations there could be. They held eachothers hands but still stayed quiet. It took a moment for Kieran to finally pronounce his words.


« Its time for us to go back to Dardanos »

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