Everyone believes that reality is just what they see and what they live in.
Millie Jenkins used to believe that too.
But now she knows better....


1. How It All Began

It was just an average day for Millie Jenkins, who was an average girl with an average life. She sat on the busy school bus, just like all the other's.  She was only 15 years old and she had no idea that this was the day her life was going to change.

Millie was fast asleep when the noisy bus jolted to a halt outside her house. Her head bashed against the window and she groaned in pain. The squeeky doors slid open and Millie got up and rushed to get out of the small, stuffy space. Once out, she sighed in relief as she now had room to move without hitting someone with her elbow. Millie rushed to get inside her house because she knew that most people in the bus would be whistling at it. She didn't blame them though, she did have a pretty amazing house. Once in she dropped her bag on the floor and walked out to the kitchen to get a drink. She oppened the fridge just as a loud revving noise came from outside the house. It was too vicious to be a car, she thought. What on earth could it be? Millie followed the noise to the back garden.

"Oh, Hi Dad!" Millie called over to her Dad, who had just cut down a tree.

"hI honey." James, Millie's Dad called back. The chainsaw reved up again and Millie watched as the tree fell to the ground with a loud crack. Then a thud as it hit the ground. James went over to his daughter and gave her a hug.

"Good day at school?" He asked her.

"Same old." Millie replied.

"Well I'm going inside now, are you coming?" James asked.

"No I think I might stay out here for a bit." Millie replied.

"Okay darling." Millie's Dad said, walking back into the house. Millie walked over to the tree that had just been chopped down, planning to sit on it for a while and dangle her feet in the stream to cool down. But as she walked over, something on the floor caught her eye. It glinted in the sunlight. Millie bent down and carefully picked it up.

It was sparkly and glittery and was in the shape of a tear drop.

Like a wing.

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