Worlds Intertwined

When an ordinary girl received an acceptance letter from letter, a new kind of life spreaded out in front of her. Studying in an magical school was more than a fantasy, but will it remain as all the different worlds became tangled up, and she was right in the middle of it?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

When Cindy woke up the next morning, it was barely dawn. I had the weirdest dream, she thought. I was walking in the park then a robber came out and passed out. When I got home, a owl brought me a letter saying---------

Cindy saw the opened envelope on her desk. She unfold the letter, and read the same words she had read the last night.


Headmaster: Filius Flitwick


Dear Ms Teng,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please fend enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.


These words were all written neatly in dark green ink. The following lines, however, looked less formal.


Term has already begun on September 1st. There has been some terrible errors with your former letter. Due to the current situation, we will send an official from the Ministry of Magic to explain things to your parents and assist you in getting your supplies and then, to Hogwarts. The official will arrive at your place and 6 p..m., Sep.6th.

Yours sincerely,

Neville Longbottom

Deputy Headmaster


Cindy read the letter over for almost a dozen times, trying to let the fact set in. One week after Sep. 1st, an ordinary girl (or so she thought), received a acceptance letter from Hogwarts, the magical school for witches and wizards.

When it finally sank in, Cindy squealed out of joy and jumped around the house. That gave her parents quite a scare when they returned. After a ton of explaining and making sure this all wasn’t a practical joke, they hugged their daughter in excitement. Cindy was still a bit confused about the “former letter” part, but since that didn’t cause a lot of damage, she put it in the back of her mind.

As the official from the Ministry was coming at 18 o’clock and it was already 8 in the morning, they began the preparation immediately.

The packing process was painful. Cindy just stared at her closet full of clothes and things as she’s never packed for a year-round trip. With her mother’s help, she made a very long list and started arranging items into the largest trunk they could find. Cindy also packed all her books about Harry Potter, just in case they might come in handy. As she finally closed the lid, she was amazed it could actually hold that much stuff.

Cindy was eager to call her friends and tell them about the good news but then had second thoughts. She wasn’t sure if they would believe her or if it was allowed at all. She really would miss her life here once she set off for Hogwarts.

Despite the tight schedule, Cindy still managed to sat down for a minute and read a book. It was a book about owls and has been stored at the top of the shelf for ages. It would have never been taken out if it wasn’t for the situation. Cindy planned to read it as a reference for the choice of owl she would buy. It came as a surprise that there were more species of owls that she had imagined, each with its own character and appearance.

Another thing Cindy thought about was her name. The English name she was using at the moment wasn’t exactly her favourite. She tried to pick a new one but came up with nothing. In the end she decided to create one herself. It might sound a bit bizarre, but to think about it, it would be quite great to have your own name with its unique meaning.

Soon Cindy’s new name was born, Heryane(heree-AN-nee). She wouldn’t be willing to explain but the name was inspired by one of her favourite characters in the novel, Hermione.

Not long after, the day passed away and 6 o’clock approached. All the luggage has been set in the living room. Heryane was pacing back and forth, though her parents kept telling her to settle down. She just couldn’t help worrying about the coming official. What would he/she be like? What kind of things would he/she tell her? She was also a bit concerned about whether she could understand the official fully.

But all those were pushed aside when a loud crack came through the front door. Heryane thought it might be some sort of explosion but almost immediately realized the other way the noise must have came from. As if to testify her theory, a ring of doorbell came.

Opening the door, Heryane saw a young witch who wasn’t at all what she imagined an official of the MOM would be like. The witch had long wavy reddish-golden hair, a pair of clear blue eyes and a constant bright smile.

“Hello, I’m Griselda Hopkirk, the assigned official from the Ministry of Magic to assist your trip to Hogwarts. May I come in?”

Heryane smile in a very welcoming manner and led her inside. “Hello, I’m Heryane Teng and these are my parents.” She had wanted to also say “this is my home” but it sounded a bit stupid.

After a few greetings and hands-shaking, Griselda turned back to Heryane. “First things first, “ she said crisply, “I am informed that your native language is not English. Now, there is a charm to solve the problem. Would you like me to perform it?”

Heryane thought about it for a little while. Indeed she wanted to be like any other English speaking person, but in the meanwhile, she felt a little guilty about taking this kind of shortcut. In the end, however, she still accepted the offer.

Next, Griselda explained that a notice would be sent to Heryane’s former school informing she had been transferred to a boarding school in Britain, which was partly true. This would also be the official statement for other family members and friends. Heryane was a little sad that she couldn’t tell her friends about all this but she guessed it must be necessary for not exposing magic.

After all those matters of attention, Griselda mentioned it was probably time to leave. Heryane hugged her parents and promised to write to them first thing she settle in Hogwarts.

“Tick-tock, we must set off now. There are plenty of things to do in Diagon Alley.” Griselda said cheerfully. “I’ll take you there by Side-Along-Apparition. We’ll be there in a second. But it may be a little uncomfortable.”

“But it’ll be like a roller-coaster ride, right?” Heryane asked cautiously, “nothing to worry about?”

“Um, sure. Nothing to worry about.” However, Griselda’s assurance made Heryane worry, a lot.

Griselda held out her hand. Heyane waved her parents a final goodbye and took it, entirely uncertain about what was going to happen next. 

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