Worlds Intertwined

When an ordinary girl received an acceptance letter from letter, a new kind of life spreaded out in front of her. Studying in an magical school was more than a fantasy, but will it remain as all the different worlds became tangled up, and she was right in the middle of it?


1. Chapter 1

This is just an introduction about my work. If you’d like to read the fiction, just skip this page.



This is my first fan-fiction about Harry Potter, and I’m pretty excited to carry out my ideas. I’ve came up with these thoughts when I was around 11, 12 years old. They developed along the years and just recently I actually wrote them out.

I planned to let more worlds in as the story develops, probably in Year 5 there will be 5 worlds involved. Exactly where do these worlds come from I’ll mention then.

While you’re reading, please point out any typo or mis-spelling or grammar mistakes. I am, just a 16-year-old and English is not my mother tounge. So, I’d really appreciate it if you would do that.

End of introduction.




Chapter 1

On September 1st, Cindy got up unhappily. It was the first day of a new school year, which was always depressing. Going to school means no more time for free-reading or daydreaming.

During the summer, Cindy became strangely obsessed with the “Harry Potter” series. It was as if there was some strange power keeping her around the books. She spent the whole summer imagining what it would be like if only she could go to Hogwarts herself. That life, of course, was like the stars in the sky, beautiful, fascinating but untouchable. Cindy knew she could constantly see them, but always out of reach. Still, she held on to those fantasies and secretly hoped that one day, just maybe, an owl would fly through her window and bring her that letter, the letter that symbolizes the turning point of her life.

The beginning of a new term turned down her fantasies. Life must go on the it has always been. Cindy embraced the new school year with all her heart and went through an uneventful week. At least it was until Friday night.

Friday came sooner than Cindy has expected. With both of her parents out of town, she went out for a walk, the way she always did whenever she wanted to escape a little from the world. To find the peace of mind, to find a place free from city noises and the upcoming stress. She wondered around mindlessly until dusk came and she ended up in a park she used to go as a child.

It was the perfect place for peace of mind. No disturbing crowds or noises. A place of peace, Cindy called it, somewhere the only thing you could see or hear is nature.

All of a sudden, Cindy sensed something wrong. She couldn’ t hear one single bug’s buzzing or a bird’s chirping. All too quiet, she realized. Then, much to Cindy’s horror, a shadow came out of nowhere. She jumped back by instinct but seemed to be unnaturally slow, petrified by the situation. The shadow moved swiftly and a flash of silver flickered in the air. Someone with a weapon. A real “place of peace”, huh! Cindy was amazed that she could still be ironic in this situation, or am I too shocked to be scared? Stop messing around, stay alert and focus! She tried to clear her head to think up a solution, but her breath came short and her heartbeat started speeding as adrenaline ran through her body. Strange thoughts kept popping up in her head. Why me? I never should’ve gone out here on my own! Why me? What if something terrible happens to me? Why me? I’m too young to die! Why me? You’re not going to die! Just drop all your valuables and run! Why me? STOP THINKING!

That settled the battle of voices in Cindy’s head. The shadow moved. She tried to let out a scream for help, but her whole body seemed to have shut down. Her mind came out blank, despite the explosion of thoughts a moment ago. A single thought came up. If I had magic, I’d use, what’s that spell again, right, Stupefy! Really! Are you thinking ------

Out of nowhere, a flash of red light zapped through the air, interrupting Cindy’s thoughts. The next thing she knew, the man was lying unconscious in front of her.

Head still a bit unclear, Cindy turned and ran for dear life.

Reaching the bus stop, Cindy hopped on the first one that arrived, without even checking if it could get her home. The only thing on her mind was to run from what had happened.

But what happened, exactly? Cindy tried to get a clue, though in her head it was still in chaos, first, the robber came out, then thoughts started to come up, and then? The robber just ended up lying on the ground? He didn’ t faint, that Cindy knew for sure, but how----

Up till then Cindy has been staring at the windows blankly, gazing into the darkness. With a blink of an eye, something white as snow flew past the window, interrupting her thoughts. As she tried to track it, all she could see was a dark velvet sky.

When Cindy finally reached home, she was exhausted from all that effort trying to figure out what had occurred. She was starting to wonder if she was seeing things when a familiar white figure moved outside her bedroom window. It had somehow managed to squeeze through the protective bars, making its feathers shuffled. Catching glimpse of Cindy, it tapped several times on the glass.

It was a snowy owl carrying an yellowish envelope in its beak, with words written in green ink. On the envelope, there was a purple wax seal with an large capital “H”. 

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