Meet me at the Arthur's Seat ©

What if you met someone who already has a child and a husband? But you two were deeply falling in love with each other.

Will you take the risk to let her go or just stay like that forever?


4. Who are you? What are you doing up here?!

“Hey Hanson, I’ll just go around outside ‘kay?” I told him while I’m putting my shirt.

Hanson and his friends playing Wii. They’re enjoyment makes me jealous, I don’t know them and I don’t know if they like my accompany with them.

“yeah sure! But this late?” he asked without glaring.

I looked at my watch and it’s ten o’clock in the evening, “Yeah. It’s okay. Bigfoot doesn’t exist here right?” I joked.

“Very funny bro! I don’t know, I don’t watch NatGeo..” he said sarcastically.

“Yeah yeah yeah! Where’s your car key? May I borrow it?” I asked hesitantly.

“Where will you go?” he inspected.

“I don’t know. Maybe somewhere I can write.” I smiled and shrugged.

“Okay, whatever. Get your ass outta here!” he suddenly put his hands on his pocket and took the key and threw at me.

“Thanks. I’ll be back in a bit.” I walked away as Hanson said goodbye.


“Where will I go?” I wondered.

I look around in the woods, too much trees and the crickets are making they’re own music. The breeze touching my bare arms and goose bumps are tickling on my body.

“Shit. I forgot my sweater..” I muttered.

I walk to the woods bravely even without lights. The moon automatically gives light to the ground and it helps me to march. But the cool wind affecting all over my body and I think I’m gonna be sick after this trip.

“I miss buildings and malls..” I mumbled.

As for real, I really miss it. I’m not the kind of guy who likes woods or forests just like in the twilight movie. No, not a big fan. The best places for me are, like the crowded and noisy around me. That give me ideas on the book that I’m writing about, believe it or not. I don’t know also but I like it that way. In that case, the noises by the people giving me makes me easy to understand or write the story. That’s why, the books that I had just released were wrote either in Starbucks or in the restaurants. Sometimes in malls.

I realized that I’ve reached the lake but in the corner of my eye, I saw a light behind those tall trees. I’ve become curious about it so I took a short walk and saw a tree house. It was small but looks cosy and cute. I crinkled my brows, curiously wondering who’s living there, maybe a child ‘cause sometimes you know child loves tree house. So then, as I walked away and not even bother who’s there, the lights went off and I can feel the presence of silence.

“AAAHHHH!” a voice of a lady yelled.

I quickly ran and walk into rope stairs. It’s hard to do this but I guess she needs Superman. The rope is slippery and it’s quietly moving.

Luckily, I’ve reached the top and the door is openly wide and the lady who is turning against me is wearing a pajama and her ginger hair is loose and slightly messy.


When she turns her back, she startled and scream again, “Fuck! Who are you? What are you doing up here?!”

“I..uhh.. I heard you screamed. So, I ran up here nonchalantly..” I stuttered.

“What?” she wrinkled her eyebrows.

“I.. thought.. you’re in danger”. I scratched my head.

“Oh thanks to that but no, I’m not in danger. I just thought I saw a flying cockroach..” she said.

“Oh.. don’t worry. It’s okay. I just you know.. Uhmm.. I should.. I should go back”. I shrugged.

“Okay. Thanks.... again.” She stated awkwardly.

I turned my back at her and rolled my eyes. It was just a cockroach. Again, a cockroach. Why most girls afraid to cockroach? They’re only tiny cute insects. Maybe by their color and their wings.

“Hey..” she called. I swiftly turn around and faced her. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that someone’s coming here to save me for my nonsense screaming..”

“Like I said, don’t worry about it.” I smiled and put my hands on my pockets.

“Would you like some cup of tea?” she requested.

Uh oh that was a shocking. “Uhmm yeah?” I shrugged.

“Well come in..” she beamed.

Her white teeth stretched out her beautiful and adorable smile. Her dimples makes her look completely charming.


I came inside and feel the warmth and the cosy feeling of the house. There are framed pictures in the walls, full of it. The massive trunk of the tree looks like a sculpture display. There’s a tiny table placing beside her small bed. The colorful light bulbs are conjointing with each other and hanging up the celing. The walls are natural white wood and no paint. Simple.

“Here.” She handed me the cup full of tea in a saucer and biscuits in a plate.

“Thanks.” I smiled and sipped the tea.

“So..” she said shyly. “Where you from?”

“Just feet away from here. I’m a tourist honestly.” I indicated.

“Oh.. So what do you think of my country?” she said happily.

“Terrible.” I joked.

“Excuse me?” she widened her eyes.

I laughed, “Kidding.”

“Oh..” she laughed awkwardly. Looks like she didn’t feel happy for what I said.

“It’s beautiful and regal.” I grinned.

She smiled and took a bite of her biscuit. “Good to hear that. So, who’s with you?”

“My brother and his friends.” I answered back.

“I bet you feel out of place there so you lied to them to walk around right?” she raised her left brow.

“Psychic..” I nodded.

“I just felt that before. Anyway, thank you for coming here.”  She leered.

I stared at her face, her eyelashes were long and curly. Her lips were pink as a rose, the color of her cheeks looks like the color of her hair. The eyeglasses suits her.

“Hello? Are you still alive?” she snapped.

“Oh God. Sorry about that.” I apologized.

She bite her lips while sneering. “It’s okay.”

“Uh what did you say earlier?” I asked.

“I said, thank you for coming here.. I never thought that Superman exists.” She stood up and she adjust her pajama. “So, see you again.”

I stood up as well and walked to the door. “Maybe Batman will do next.” I teased.

She chuckled, “See you Superman.”

“Bye.” I waved and she closed the door. The lights went off and I gestured my legs to the rope.

“This is way too hard than I expected.” I muffled.



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