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What if you met someone who already has a child and a husband? But you two were deeply falling in love with each other.

Will you take the risk to let her go or just stay like that forever?


3. We're here brotha!

“I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it nananananananananana-“ my brother sings while we just got in the airport of Scotland. He’s dancing secretly so that people won’t notice. But there are others who are indeed noticed it.

“Stop it Hanson. You’re embarrassing yourself..” I murmured while we’re walking to the exit.

“Ssshhh..” he hushed. “You don’t feel what I feel so shut the hell up.” He continued to dance.

I just rolled my eyes and look at the structures while walking. This place is so picture- perfect and clear vision. It’s like you wanted to paint this view effortlessly. It’s like I’m living in the time of centuries, the infrastructures are like castles, this is so unbelievable to see. But the problem is, the weather here is quite hard to understand. We’ll stay at one of the highlands so Hanson said that the weather there is rainfall, I also googled it and said that it is the wettest places in Europe, not very impressed but maybe it’ll be worth it. His manager told him that we can stay at his vacation house which I imagine that it looks like a castle too. I hope so.

Hanson drive as he knows where to go. I opened the window and smell the refreshing cool wind of the place. It sticks on my nostrils but I don’t mind because it is just like the smell like cool mint.

“Excited to see the house?” Hanson asked while still looking at the windshield. Thank God he’s in a silent mode now.

“A little… Just wondering if it’ll looks like castle like I just saw earlier. I think that would be cool and vintage.” I smiled.

“Yeah, that will be cool, I can be a vampire… or a prince. I hope I’ll find princesses there.” He giggled and wiggled his brows.

“Ugh! Don’t even wish for that. It’s only in movies.” I smirked.

“I hate you. You’re not supporting me.” He pouted. Sometimes I wonder if he’s gay or he’s just acting like a child.

“Truth hurts, Hansy.” I said.

“Where did you get that nickname? Sounds gay.” He asked annoyingly.

“I just made that up..” I chuckled. “Don’t worry. That would be the last.” I tapped his shoulder.

“You better be. If you say that in front of the models, I’ll insist you to swallow a fork or leave you here alone.” He warned.

“Ooh I’m scared..” I cooed.

“Shut up. Just sleep there and we will get there in just an hour.” He said worringly.

“That’s too long. Okay, bro. Be careful and try not to dance.” I jokily said.

I shut my eyes as I heard him chuckled.


“Hey!” I quickly tried to stood up when I heard the sounds from a phone. It was a crowing of a rooster and it was so loud that my eardrums would blown off.

“We’re here brotha!” Hanson spread his arms gleefully. His huge smile is priceless. The passenger door is open and that’s where Hanson is, he’s laughing and jumping.

As I cleared my eyes, the view is impeccable. The lake is so clear and I can see the fishes swimming under water. The mountains are green and tall. The weather is quite cold but not like as much in Canada.

He parked the car near lake shore. There are some boats which are tying in the small woods that have been inserted in the ground. As I look at the place, it is only full of trees and mountains and a lake.

“Where’s the house?” I asked wrinkling my brows.

“Here it is..”  Hanson smiled and spread his arms.

“What? Are you kidding me?” I gestured my arms weakly.

He laughed, “Kidding.” He winked and tapped my shoulder. “It’s in the woods across this lake, we’ll use this cuty boat.”

“Ugh! I hate you.” I walked to one of the boats and untied it’s rope. I put our bags and sat. “Come on! We have to go! I’m hungry already!” I yelled.

“Coming!” Hanson ran swiftly and sat on the boat facing me.


“Shit! This is beautiful..” I stare at the house.

It is not what I thought about earlier, it is not look like a castle but it is lovely. It was made of natural woods and painted it in brown or like the color of a soil, I don’t know. Whatever.

Anyway, it looks like a cabin but it’s a house, they said. It was massive and tall, looks like the terrace would be my favourite part of this house.  It was near the lake but it was covered in trees so it’s like hidden behind them. There are cars in the parking lot. I believe it’s Hanson’s friends.

“They’re here..” as Hanson sighed.

“What are you sighing for?” I crumpled my brows.

“We made a bet that whoever got here late will be a cook for the night..” he shook his head. “And I think that’s us.”

“Oh! Don’t include me. I’m not on of the workers here..” I point a finger at him.

“Haha we’ll see..” he winked and then walked away.

“Hey! Don’t!” I groaned.


“Hanson!” the woman with a blonde hair called. She stood up from the couch as she walked to Hanson.

“Hey girl!” Hanson greeted. “Where’s everyone? Are we late?”

“Uh they’re in the backyard. You’re lucky, you guys are not late..” she winked. “Just put your bags upstairs, room in the left.”

“Oh thanks! By the way, this is my brother Xander and he’s a writer so wait for his autograph later.” Hanson joked. The woman laughed.

“Xander.” I extend my arm and she shook it smoothly.

“He’s the one who wrote your fave novel.” Hanson whispered but I heard it anyway.

“Are you serious?! Shit!” she shocked. “You’re the one who wrote Gone by now?” she widened his eyes.

“As he said, yes.” I smiled awkwardly.

She yelped and cupped her face as she was about to cry.

“We have to go upstairs before you die here..” Hanson took my arm and start to walk upstairs.

“She’s crazy, man.” I said as I shook my head.

“Yeah. Like cray cray.” He laughed.


We put our bags on the floor. Hanson changed his clothes instantly and me, as a lazy person just lie on the bed groggily.

“Come on! They want to meet you downstairs.” Hanson wobbled my feet excitedly.

“I feel so tired. I’ll be there, just give me time to sleep.” I said weakly.

“Okay. You’re so  You’ll miss the girls.” He cooed as he marched away.

I just closed my eyes and didn’t care about Hanson said. Who cares about those girls? They’re just girls who wear a slutty clothes which is almost on their butt with a fake spray tan that they think they look like a tropical girl but no, they look like tangerines which is over exaggerated. Don’t get me wrong.



Ugh lame chapter! sorry! don't worry, the main girl here would be in the next chapter? maybe? idk. haha just read this continualy pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... 

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