Meet me at the Arthur's Seat ©

What if you met someone who already has a child and a husband? But you two were deeply falling in love with each other.

Will you take the risk to let her go or just stay like that forever?


2. Almost there!

“Come on brotha! You’ll love that place! Especially those chicks!” my brother winked as I looked at him angrily.

This is his usual habit every morning, waking me up for his good news everytime his manager calls him from work either he will have a photoshoot with the models in some places or a free Starbucks. He just love Starbucks. Don’t ask me, it’s not my fault. Anyway, he’s actually my younger brother, he’s twenty- one and I’m twenty- four, does it sound old? Cause I just feel it. He’s a photographer and I’m a writer, cool huh?

We didn’t go to College ‘cause we’re a lazy beasts. Finishing High School is okay with us, we can do whatever we wanted and get women whenever and whoever we want. We’re living in a same roof, sometimes we’re joking around that I’m his wife and he’s my husband. We just did it last night and we kissed in cheeks like we are a real couple. We’re a creepster, I know that. Our parents died in a plane crash last year and that’s where we made an oath that we will never ever leave each other except for the wedding day.

“Come on Xander my lovey dovey. We have to get in the airport early.” He copied the voice of a woman as he stood up from his bed and slapped my butt. What a pervert!

“You’re a pervert!” I yelled and stood as well from bed. I walked downstairs and made a coffee, I opened the fridge, desiring to see a bacon and an egg but unfortunately, the fridge is empty and the only exist is the bottle of Gatorade.

I groaned and just drink my coffee, no choice. I lean in the kitchen counter and stare blankly on the floor. That is my habit.

“What are you thinking my dear?” he fussed while wearing only a towel. He still can’t get over with the woman’s voice.

“Stop it, Hanson! It’s irritating me.” I smirked.

He laughed, “Sorry dude. Just having fun ‘cause we’re going to Scotland in just an hour..” he cooed.

“I think you’re not excited to the place, you are excited to the models. Am I right or am I right?” I joshed.

“You’re left” he laughed. “Can I have both? It confuses me, don’t want to think hard right now.” He shrugged and ran upstairs. Why my parents made a weird brother for me?

I placed the cup in the sink and took a shower. Maybe I should come with him to help my brain for a new ideas and release a new book in the future. That would be awesome. I would give a huge thank you speech for my brother for bringing me there, if that happens.


I marched to my room and packed some clothes to bring. I handpicked my white crewneck sweatshirt that says ‘Hipstah Please’, an Albus Chinos red pants, a combat shoes, my beanie and a bag to wear. Too cold for this country called Canada.

“Hey brother! You ready?” Hanson peeped on my door entrance.

“I guess..” I shrugged.

He smiled and walk away, “Wait for me downstairs!” he roared.

I picked up my bag which is full of clothes and that’s the reason why it is heavy.


A minute later, my brother walking downstairs who’s carrying a one huge bag and one luggage. What? Would he live there like forever? Wait. I have to say it..

“Would you live there like forever? Are you kidding me?” I rolled my eyes and stood to help him.

“Oops! Sorry dude. I never told you before that we’ll stay there for one month..” he smiled evily.

“WHAT??!!” I yelled and facepalmed. “Shit! No, there is no way! I don’t wanna stay there! No! I’ll go home early..”

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You’re such a kill joy.. Okay, if that’s what you want.” He shrugged and strolled to the front door. I rolled my eyes and follow him.


“HEY I JUST MET YOU AND THIS IS CRAZY, BUT HERE’S MY NUMBAH SO CALL ME MAYBE...” Hanson accompanied with the song on the radio and dancing while driving, he’s a crazy man.

“Be careful, you’re driving.” I warned him. In the end, he continued to sing like he’s not hearing someone’s talking. I just groaned and glanced at the window.

The season here is almost winter which is very cold and freezing even if it’s not winter yet. The houses were beautiful to stare at them, the snow is white as clouds and the ground looks glossy and slippery. There are some children who are playing the glowing snow outside their homes. Some are wearing sweats and some are jackets with the fury on it. Laughing and throwing snows with their playmates, I found it adorable.

“So, will you meet someone there?” my brother asked me while he’s vision is still on the road.

“No. don’t have friends there..” I misinterpret.

“No. I meant, “someone” who you’ll meet..” he said while doing an air qoute.

“What?” I furrowed.

“What?” he glared at me a second.

“What are you saying?” I asked confusingly.

He groaned, “Never mind air brain!” he teased.

“You’re such a weirdo!” I laughed.


“Yehey! We’re here!” Hanson cheered. He parked the car and stopped the engine. We’re not in Scotland yet, we’re just in a Vancouver International Airport. My brother just overreacting.

We got out of the car and took our things in the back. I wonder who will take care of Sarah, our car.

“Who will get Sarah?” I asked Hanson while he’s texting.

“Jason, my friend. Don’t worry i’ll kill him if he take this somewhere in hell.” He sneered crookedly.

“Good. Where is he?” I questioned while we’re walking to the entrance of the airport.

“I just texted him. He said he’s on his way. You hungry?” we sat in an airport seats.

“Starving.” I clearly said.

“Just wait there. I’ll buy something..” then he ran. 

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