sweet kind caring (Niall Horan fan fic)

this is before he is famous. A girl named Veronica is new to Woodside high in England. When she meets this kid with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Will she fall head over heals in love with her. Or will he end up like the other guys she went out with? I hope you guys like this one.


5. telling everyone


I sat there with Greg and was crying with him. I don’t want to see him go again. He just got home. “Greg, you just got home. You can’t leave now!” I was balling by now. “I’m sorry kid, but I have to. Its my job now.” “No Greg. Please you can’t leave like this. I just got to see you again. I missed you. What if something happens and I never see you again. Then what. You saw me at the airport when I went to get you.” “ I know Nialler, but this is something that I signed up for. I have to go. I promise I will be back. But hey look on the bright side. You get to hang out with me for 2 months before I leave.” I sat there just thinking of what me and Greg could do.


Then my phone vibrated and I saw I have a text from Veronica “Hey when are the boys and I coming over” Oh shit the boys and Veronica were suppose to come over for a movie night. Crap, looks like I have to cancel. “Bro, don’t cancel on the boys and this girl I have never heard about just because I came home. But I want to meet her.” “Okay, they are coming over now then, they should be here any minute.”


I went down stairs to get the door, I saw Veronica and the boys in their pajamas. “Hey, come in, um, Louis pick a movie. I’ll go get my pjs on and we can start this movie.” I went upstairs to get my pjs. I was walking down the stairs and over heard a conversation going. “So, you must be the girl I never heard one word about, I’m Greg, Niall’s older brother. Once you texted him and asked when you and the boys were coming over, thats when I heard some things about you, like your name, thats about it.” “Oh. Well its nice to meet you Greg, and I heard a lot about you. From everything Niall says about you I can tell he looks up to you.”


I got down stairs and saw everyone even my brother waiting for me in the family room. “What took you so long mate, we were about to start the movie without you.” Harry said and got up and went over to Louis. “Oh, sorry. Just doing somethings.” I sat down between my brother and Veronica. I put my arm around Veronica while Greg put his around me. “Your brother is very nice, how come you never told him about me. Are you ashamed to be with me?” Veronica whispered to me. “God no, I’m glad to be with you. Its just that, well he was gone for 3 months and he just got back today.” I told her. When I looked at her, she had a frown on her face. I kissed her on the lips. “Don’t worry about anything ok, no need to.” “Okay, but where was he?” She just had to ask that question. “I’ll tell you after the movie, I have to tell the boys also.”


-------------------------------2 HOURS LATER------------------------------------


The movie ended and that means it’s time to tell them where Greg was for 3 months. I watched Greg go upstairs. Probably to go call mum and dad and tell them whats going on. “Guys, I have to tell you whats going on. You see Greg was gone for 3 months. He was at Boot camp for the army. He just got back today. And when he went upstairs he got a call from his commander saying he is getting stationed for 2 years.” “Oh my gosh. Nialler, I’m so sorry mate. How come you just found out today?” Louis asked. “Oh well, you all know how sad I get, thats why. But of course I was the only one home so Greg told me.” “How long is he going to be gone for?” Harry asked, you see my brother and Harry got along great when they first met. Greg treated Harry and all of my friends as little brothers. “2 years.” I said. Trying not to cry again.This is the hardest thing in the world.



This is the worst sight to see. Niall loves his older brother and he is going to be gone in 2 months and wont be back for 2 years. I feel so bad for him. I have never had someone leave like this. But just to see Niall want to cry, makes me want to cry. This is so sad. I feel so bad for him. I mean, he is the sweetest guy in the world and his brother is leaving and no one told him that his brother left for boot camp because they were scared that he would get depressed.




Looking at Niall right now makes me want to cry. But I have to stay strong for him. He needs his friends more than ever. He is terrified that Greg wont come back. Everyone has to be strong for this kid. He is our little teddy bear. Every little thing makes him sad.




Greg is leaving for the army. What, since when has he wanted to go into the army. I have known him since me and Niall became friends and I have never heard him say one word about it. I want to cry, but we all have to stay strong for Nialler.




God just hearing this wants to make me cry. One tear fell from Niall’s eyes and we could see that he was holding it in. “Nialler, don’t hold it in. Let it out, you can’t hold it in.” I told him. Just looking at Niall breaks my heart.




As I watched Niall cry, I so badly wanted to cry. He is like my little brother. It hurt to see him like this. But I had to stay strong like all the others. I’m the oldest, and hurts to hold it in. But its for the best. I mean if you look at Niall then all of us, you can just tell he is the one that everything gets to him easy. And everything that makes him cry kills all of us.

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