sweet kind caring (Niall Horan fan fic)

this is before he is famous. A girl named Veronica is new to Woodside high in England. When she meets this kid with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Will she fall head over heals in love with her. Or will he end up like the other guys she went out with? I hope you guys like this one.


2. getting to know me


Veronica and I were sitting at the same table once lunch came. I don't care what Claire has to say. All I'm trying to do is help her out. She's new she can't help it. She needed to know where to go. She needs to calm down. I don't like the way she treats all of my friends. She flirts with Harry and she says she doesn't. I'm on the edge of breaking up with her. Maybe I should just break up with her. I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard a girls voice. "You think he wants to hang out with you, he is just hanging out with you because he feels sorry for you. why don't you go back to your old school. Maybe the boys there will be more interested in you." Yep. That does it. "CLAIRE! Can I have a word with you, NOW." God she is getting on my last nerves. We have only been dating for 2 weeks and she thinks she owns me. "Look Claire, I can't handle this. I'm sorry. But its over. You act like you own me. But you don't. I'm sorry."  With all that off my chest I walked away.


 I walked back into the cafeteria and saw Veronica starring at me. “She’s not going to bother you anymore.” I sat down and ate my lunch. (Oh yeah I love food.) “So Veronica why don’t you tell us about yourself?” Liam asked. “YEAH!” The rest of us chorused. “Oh...um....well I am from Austin, Texas. I am 17, and I love food.” She said. We all looked at each other. She is nothing like the other girls here. Where they just eat a little bit. “Did you play any sports at your old school?” Zayn asked. “Well its kind of hard to play sports when you are home schooled.” “You were home schooled?” Louis looked at her and raised his eye brows. “Yes I was.” She said with no emotion. “So technically we are your first friends.” Harry said with a smile. “Well I had friends in Texas, but I didn’t go to school with them.” “Oh, so we are the first friends you are going to school with!” I said a little excited. “Well....yeah.” She said kind of embarrassed. “Don’t be embarrassed. Nothing to be embarrassed about.” I told her. “On a different subject... Veronica tell us about your boyfriend.” Harry said.


We all looked at him, then her. I was kind of hoping she didn’t have one. But she is so pretty how wouldn’t she have one. “Well.....I don’t have one. I use to.” She kind of whispered the last part, but I heard her. “What do you mean you use to. What happened?” I asked her. She looked down. Everyone was waiting for an answer. I was about to say something, but someone came up behind me and Veronica. “I see why you broke up with me. For this thing. Well she isn’t even pretty.” Claire left before I could say something to her. “Don’t listen to her. She’s just jealous that you got Niall’s attention when he saw you.” Louis said. I kicked him from under the table. “What its true.” He said again. “Well... back to Veronica. You never did tell us about what happened with your ex.”




 Looks like I’m telling them. “Um....well you see....he just wanted one thing and when I didn’t give it to him.....he kind of cheated on me. I took him back after him begging me to. Then all of a sudden he started hitting me. That’s why when someone touches me I flinch.” I told them. They all looked at each other, then me. Niall was the first one to speak. “Veronica. I’m so sorry. But I know any of us here at this table won’t hurt you. I promise you that. Everyone at this very table wouldn’t want to see you hurt. Even though we just met you. We care about you.” He said in his adorable Irish accent. God its so cute. “Veronica, why don’t you come with us after school. It will be fun.” Liam said. “Where are y’all going.” Shit there goes my accent. Been working on a normal one for a week and it goes up in flames. “Awe you have a cute accent. Never hide it.” Louis said. “Ok, but, where are y’all going.” Did that one on purpose. “CLUBBING!” They all shouted. Looks like I’m going clubbing with five cute guys.

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