sweet kind caring (Niall Horan fan fic)

this is before he is famous. A girl named Veronica is new to Woodside high in England. When she meets this kid with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Will she fall head over heals in love with her. Or will he end up like the other guys she went out with? I hope you guys like this one.


7. Coming home

Niall's POV


Its Christmas time and Greg should be home in a few days. I haven't really got to talk to him but I figured that.  But I got up early and got in the shower. I walked to my closet and got ready. I put on boxers, my crazy mofo shirt, blue jeans, white spuras, a white and gray supra snap back and black and white varsity jacket. I walked down the stairs to find my mum and dad sitting on the couch. "What are you two waiting on? Lets go!" I yelled to both of them. "Niall you scared the life out of me." My mum said, she got up and hugged me. "Sorry mum, I'm just excited to get Greg." I told her with a smile. "Then lets go get him." She said and we left for the airport.


I was so excited to see my brother. I miss him so much! Considering he is my only brother. Oh I forgot to tell you, I have a nephew now. I am so happy to have a nephew like this little guy, oh and I am in a band called One Direction. I'm still with Veronica, she told me to text her when Greg gets home so she can come over and see him again. He asked when I was talking to him the other night how me and her were, just being the protective big bro he is, I told him everything from me getting on XFactor and her getting all the hate. I really do wish my fans would see how happy she makes me feel.


We finally arrived at the airport and I ran up to the doors and ran in. I found the gate he will be coming into and ran over there. "Hun slow down, we can't keep up with you like we use to!" My mum yelled at me. I slowed to a walk and smiled. "Sorry mum, I'm just excited thats all." I said with a shrug. 


I saw my brother walk out of the gate and look around for someone. Once he saw us he smiled. "Greg!" I yelled and ran up to him. Not the best thing to yell in an airport with a lot of people in it. But it looked like most people didn't care, or they saw his uniform so they didn't say anything. "Hey Nialler, I've missed my little bro." He said while in the hug with me. I had tears in my eyes. "I've missed my big bro as well." I said with a smile knowing he is home for now. Knowing that he is leaving again breaks my heart, but I need to get use to it.


I texted Veronica telling her that Greg is home safe and sound, she told me that we have to talk when she gets there. I was kinda freaking out so I asked Greg if him and I could talk real quick. "What's up bud?" He asked. "So um.... Veronica said me and her have to talk, and I'm scared that she is calling it quits because of the fans...." I told him and looked down. "You maybe right, and you maybe wrong, for all you know it could be different, much better even." He told me, that brought a small smile to my face. "Thanks Greg." "No problem." He said and hugged me. The door bell went off saying that she was here. "I'll tell her to come up here, but no funny shit." I just laughed. If only he knew.... Yeah lets not tell him anything like that.


"Niall..." Veronica said in a weak voice. It scares me how softly she is speaking. "Babe, what's wrong?" "Niall, I don't know how to say this.... But I think... I think I may be pregnant." 

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