sweet kind caring (Niall Horan fan fic)

this is before he is famous. A girl named Veronica is new to Woodside high in England. When she meets this kid with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Will she fall head over heals in love with her. Or will he end up like the other guys she went out with? I hope you guys like this one.


3. clubbing



I went home to get ready to go clubbing with the boys. I really hope i’m not the only girl in this group. My first day here and i’m going clubbing. Oh well, this sounds fun. I hope none of them try anything. As soon as I walked into my house I got bombarded with questions from my mom. “So how was school sweetie.” “Fine mom, going out with some friends I met at school today.” “That’s great sweetie. Who are they?” Of course my mom would ask who they are. “Their names are... Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson.” “So they are all boys?” “Yes, but most of them should be bringing their girlfriends with. So I’m not going to be the only girl.” “Where are you going?” “I don’t know, all they told me is to dress nice, as in dress and heals. So i’m going to go get ready now. I’ll have my phone. I should be home before you get home from work. I promise.” “Fine, but you better not get home later than 1.” “Ok, love you mom.” “Love you too sweetie, be good.” “I will, promise.”


This is why I love my mom. You see my mom and dad divorced this year. That’s why my mom and I moved. Plus it helped me get away from David (my crazy ex). I would die if he found out where I am. He if he found out where I am now and hanging out with other guys he would go ballistic. He still thinks me and him are together and it kills me every time he calls me his. Because i’m not his anymore.


I finally finished getting ready. By the time I got down stairs there was a knock at the door. Looks like the boys are here. I went to get the door and there stands Niall in dark jeans and a tee shirt. Looks like I could have just wore my light blue skinny jeans and a crop top like I planed. Well to late to change. I love what i’m wearing anyway. I’m in a short dark blue dress with one strap over the right shoulder and black 4 inch heals. My makeup is a natural look and I have a heart chain neckless on and a white chain bracelet on.


“You look hot!” Niall exclaimed. Once that came out of his mouth he blushed. Awe he is so cute. Wait... what? “Awe thank you. Was kind of hoping for that answer.” I tried to make him feel better. It looks like I did, because he looked up at me and smiled. “Good, because your going to get that all night from me and the boys.” “Ok, sounds good to me.” I said and smiled at him. We walked to his car and got in. “You ready for tonight?” Niall asked me. “Hell yeah. Tonight should be fun.”




Damn, Veronica looks really good. I kind of slipped up and told her she looks hot. God why do I talk before I think. When she came out, all I could think about is how hot she looks in her dress. “Were here.” I told her. Once I turned the car off I looked at her. “Stay by me, please. We don’t want people to take advantage of you. Especially since you look so hot.” I told her and immediately wanted to face palm myself.


DAMN can’t keep my big mouth shut. When I looked up at her, she had her head down and was blushing. She is so cute. Damn I don’t want anyone to look at her. “Lets go inside.” I tell her. We get out of the car and started to walk to the door, I put my arm around her so she wouldn’t get lost. Once inside I graded her hand and went to find the other boys. Wonder if they brought their girls. That way I know they wont cheat. We finally spotted them, but not the girls. “Where are the girls?” I asked Liam. “Oh, they didn’t want to come. They said they have a ton of homework.” “Oh. Do you want a drink Veronica?” I asked her. “Oh, sure, thanks.” She said with a smile. I got up to get me and her drinks. I had this big smile on my face. Damn I can’t get her out of my head.




Damn does Veronica look sexy in that dress. She looks really hot. “Hey, Veronica, wanna dance?” I ask her. All the lads look at me. As if I just killed someone. “What? All I did was ask her to dance. I didn’t ask her to do anything else with me. Just dance. So do you want to dance?” “Um. Sure, why not.” We went to the middle of the dance floor and just started dancing. Song after song. Damn this girl has moves. After about maybe ten minutes, we started to get tired. “Want to sit down for a while?” I ask her. “Yes please.” We walked back and I saw Niall giving me the death stair. Veronica and I sat down and just relaxed for a while. After about another hour or so, we all said goodnight and I went back to my house. Damn, I really wish Niall didn’t tell all of us to not to hit on Veronica.



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