my life

well it is my first one so like plz


13. week 2

well today I am doing nothing the  day was terrible I really can't say anything else it was quite funny this morning  one of the teachers was humming like a virgin I mean ok it is a good song but a teacher humming it is that normal and she is very weird

but the rest of the day was horrible I just got batted and bruised boys definitely hate me quite a lot  now I will probably never get a boyfriend.  one girl was really annoying to me she thought that I was going out with a good friend of mine but I am not  and now she has gone and told all her friends so now I going to get roomers going round great that is just what I need.


so you may gather that some of the girls at my school can be a pain but sometimes they can be a lot worse

but now I will just have to put up with it a usual



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