Abby is happily living with her 4 year husband. Although her husband doesn't consist the qualities of your average day man. He USE to be in a band, a boy band to be exact. Actually, the most popular boy band of the generation, One Direction.


1. Prolouge

I'm Abby, I live happily in London with my husband and 2 children. Darcy is my 6 year old daughter and Sam is my 10 year old son. Although, my life may sound pretty normal, its nothing close to that. You see, I should probably tell you the name of my husband then it will make sense. Well his name is Harry, Harry Styles. I know your probably like woah lucky! Well my life right now is pretty rough, lets just say One Direction had a falling out years ago and decided it was best to you their separate ways. Depressing right? Well the split was pretty rough on some of the lads, including my lovely husband. It's close to marking the 4 year anniversary of the split, and things are rough as ever. You're probably wondering about why they split and ho me and Harry met, right? Well.....This is my story.

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