Abby is happily living with her 4 year husband. Although her husband doesn't consist the qualities of your average day man. He USE to be in a band, a boy band to be exact. Actually, the most popular boy band of the generation, One Direction.


5. Chapter 4

Great mom's boss is coming over so I have to act "normal" pfssss whatever. And apparently he has a son my age. Betcha 100 bucks he's an ugly nerd.

"ABBY THEYE HERE!" My mom yells from the kitchen. "Okay, now act normal!"

"I know I know you've told me a thousand times!" I groan while she walks towards the door.

"Hello, Des!" My mom embraces him into a hug, wow they're friendly.

"Hello, Carrel. This is my son, harry." The man named, "Des" says as a boy steps into our house. Holy that? no it couldn't be..

"Hello Mrs. Anderson, i'm Harry!" The boy smiles shaking my moms hand.

"Abby, don't be rude. Introduce yourself." My mom nudges me.

"Hi, i'm Abby." I fake smile.

"Hello Abby!" Des shakes my hand.

"Hi Abby." The boy named Harry winks.

"Well come in come in! Dinner should be ready soon! Abby how about you show Harry around." My mother tells or well orders me to.

"Oh fun." I say sarcastically, my mom shoots me a death glare as I walk towards the twisty stairs.

"Well you're a nice one, ey." Harry smirks as we walk up the stairs. I just roll my eyes.

"This is the movie room, that's the sauna/spa room, game room, bathroom, closet, and this is my room. There's way more rooms downstairs, I just don't feel like walking back down there." I laugh pointing to all the rooms in the fancy hallway.  Finished showing him the upstairs I walk in my room and plop on my desk and power up my laptop. Harry awkwardly stands in the door.

"You can sit down ya know?" I laugh.

"" He mumbles sitting down.

"So your names Harry?" I ask not averting my gaze from my laptop.

"Yeah?" He says confused.

"What? You don't know your own name?" I laugh.

"OH erm yeah my name is Harry but you really didn't know that?" He asks confused.

"Should I of?" I smirk.

"Well, no...I don't know." He spits out fastly.

"You know you look really familiar, I just cant point it out." I say dumbly. I mean obviously I know who he is!

"Well i'm Harry Styles, if that rings a bell?" He winks.

"Ohhhh Harry Styles! Yeah don't you own a famous fish mart over in America!?" I act dumb founded.

"What?! NO!" He blurts out.

Oh never mind then." I smile.

"So have you heard of that hot new band One Direction?" I decide to mess with him.

"I heard that Niall guy is pretty hot! And that he's Irish!" I exclaim. He just stares at me in shock.

"Wow..I guess you haven't." I mumble.

"No..I mean yeah..I've heard of them." He plays along.

"Oh you have! Of course you have! Everyone has!" I laugh acting like a huge fan, which I am.

"Yeah! I might even turn gay for them." He jokes.

"If I was a guy I know I would!" I laugh. Time to turn on fan girl mode.

"Gosh I mean Niall's eyes are like the color of a majestic ocean! I could just get lost in them! And Louis is so funny and makes weird attractive! Oh and Zayn is so mysterious like a unicorn, but damn he's sexy! Oh and don't even get me started on Liam! Ohhhh Liam with his kind smile and caring ego. MMMM I could just eat them up!" I Drool. Harry sits there with his mouth open.

"What? Oh im forgetting someone aren't I?" I act like im thinking. "OH YEAH! That one with the curly locks! What's his name? Hammy, Hanny, HARRY! Yeah Harry! Oh I hear he's a total duce. I defiantly don't like him. I bet he does it with every hot girl he meets." I state coldly, Harry looks hurt.

"I hear he's pretty hot, although I've never really paid attention to pictures of him." I add.

"Hey your names Harry also! How ironic, ey?" I laugh and playfully punch him in the arm. He just looks away.

"You never know, he could be a nice guy." He mumbles.

"How so?" I look at him. "I mean how would you know?"

"You know who I am, don't you?" He frowns, I just act dumb and look at him.

"I'm the one and only Harry Styles you hate..." He says softly. Hmmmm maybe he does have a heart?

"NO! Reeeeallly?" I say sarcastically.

"Well this is awkward." I laugh.

"Do you really think all those things?" He asks.

"What that One Directions hot, hell yeah I do!" I laugh.

"You know what im talking about." He states.

"Okay, yeah sorry. It's just you seem like that kind of guy." I shrug.

"What kind of guy?"
"The kind who has one night stands and is like a bad boy..."I say.

"I'm ashamed that you'd think that. I'm actually a pretty nice guy. And to be honest I've never had a one night stand before.." He stated, I just stayed quiet. He was about to say something when my mother called us for dinner. Awkwardly we walked down to dinner.





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