Abby is happily living with her 4 year husband. Although her husband doesn't consist the qualities of your average day man. He USE to be in a band, a boy band to be exact. Actually, the most popular boy band of the generation, One Direction.


4. Chapter 3

*That night*

"ABBY TIME TO GO!" My mom yells from the bottom of the stairs, which lead to my bed room.

"Coming!" I yell back. Taking one last look at the bedroom I grew up in. Letting out a sad sigh I drag my last suitcase down stairs and shove my head phones in my ears as out maid takes my bags. Like I said, my mom works for one of the top businesses in the world so were pretty rich and we have maids.

*On the plane*

Nothing could help my crappy mood right now. This is the worse day ever! Wait, I lied! One Way Or Another is playing on my ipod! I fricking love this song! Gosh One Direction are so amazing! Well except Harry. I mean he's hot and all but he seems like a total player! I CAN'T stand him! It's a good thing im sitting. Haha get it? yeah no...And with that I fall asleep dreading this long plane ride.

"WAKE UP!" My mom says shaking me.

"Whhat?" I slur my words.

"Were flying over London now! Look!" She exclaims. Whoa I slept a long time.

"Woah!" I gasp looking below. London is gorgeous!
"Pretty, right?" She smiles.

"Yeah, it actually is!" I gasp.

*20 minutes later*

"This is where we live?!" I gasp looking at the 5 star hotel.

"Well yeah, we live in the pent house!" My moms exclaims.

"Wow" was all I could squeak out.

"Come on ill show you our room!" She exclaims pulling me into the hotel, since were such important guests the workers have our bags in our room already.

*DING!* The elevator sounds as we step into the hall way with our room. Ours is the giant door in a pretty gold color at the end of the hall.

As I step inside I almost pass out. This is amazing! Our pent house has 2 floors! Everything in here is a retro kind of fancy! How awesome?

"Gosh mom this is awesome!" I gasp.

"I know! Wait till you see your room!" She exclaims dragging me to my room. It's a pretty pink room which

is totally awesome!(Picture on side)

"I love it mom!" I exclaim jumping on my bed

"I knew you would! I had it specially designed for you! Now unpack, my boss is coming over for dinner tonight." She orders.

"But mom im tired!" I wine.

"You can sleep later, now unpack!" She says leaving my room.

This is pretty awesome.

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