Abby is happily living with her 4 year husband. Although her husband doesn't consist the qualities of your average day man. He USE to be in a band, a boy band to be exact. Actually, the most popular boy band of the generation, One Direction.


3. Chapter 2

"But mom! Life Is good here! You work for one of the top businesses in the world! And I mean my life! All my friends are here!" I "cry".

"Honey, honey, I know. But I've been promoted to manager, and my position is in London. I can't just turn down an opportunity like this! Plus you'll make new friends in London!" She smiles.

"But mom! I don't want to make new friends in London! I don't want to be the creepy terrorist from a different country! Do you know how many rumors people will spread!" I worry.

"Now, now, nonsense. They'll love you! You're quite popular here, so im sure you will do fine in London!" She perks up.

"UGGGGH! Ever since dad died you've been so involved with work! Why don't you care about what I want!?" I cry.

"Honey, were living on a one income budget. This is for the best. Now go start packing, we leave tomorrow." She informed me.

"AHHHHH YOURE RUINING MY LIFE!" I scream as I run up there stairs. Wow this should be a fun day of packing(note the sarcasm).

*5 hours later*

"FINALLY! Finished!" I yell super loud as I stuff my last item into my carry-on. "Hmmm its only a little past lunch time, I bet the teacher s wouldn't mind if I popped by and said goodbye to everyone."

*30 minutes later I finish walking to school*

"Hello, Mrs.Kunklemeyer!" I exclaim walking up to our secretary's desk.

"Ahh Miss. Anderson. I suppose you have a reasonable excuse for missing half of the school day?" She asks.

"Actually, yes. You see i'm moving to London tomorrow so I had to pack. I'm just popping by one last time to say my goodbyes." I smile.

"Oh, im so sorry Abby! I'll miss you so much!" She exclaims, standing up, then embracing me in a large hug.

"I'll miss you also! May I please have a pass so I can go say my goodbyes?" I ask politely.

"Of course sweetie!" She smiles handing me the pass.

*Skip the mushy goodbyes*

"You better Skype me every day!" My best friend since the 1st grade, Mallory cries.

"I will! Trust me babe! Now I really have to go! Turns out when my mom meant our flight left tomorrow she meant 1am tonight!" I exclaim wiping my tears.

"Oh alright bye babe! Oh and one last thing, Abs!" She grabs me as I was walking away.


"If you meet One Direction while you're there make sure you marry Harry for me!" She laughs.

"Yeah right." I mumble. "Liam is all mine, for sure! You can have that bastard Harry!" I laugh.

"You know you drool over him at night when you dream about him sticking his..."
"MAL!" I scream cutting her off.

"Sorry,sorry! But you know its true!" She laughs.

"Not in a million years...." I yell then embrace her in one last hug.

"I'm going to miss you AbAb!" She cries

"I'll miss you too MalMal!" I cry. "But don't worry, over the break you're coming over the whole time!"

"Of course!" She laughs as I pull away and sadly hand the secretary my pass, then starting my depressing walk home. This is defiantly the worse day ever.

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