Abby is happily living with her 4 year husband. Although her husband doesn't consist the qualities of your average day man. He USE to be in a band, a boy band to be exact. Actually, the most popular boy band of the generation, One Direction.


2. Chapter 1

A/N: Abby is 19 living with her parents in New York in the USA.

Abby's POV:

*Hey girl i'm waiting on ya, im waiting on ya, come on and let me sneak you out*

"AHHHHH! Stupid alarm clock!" I moan as I chunk my pillow at it. "Great time for another boring day of school!"

Slowly I drag my butt out of bed and throw on any random outfit for my day. I end up putting on a comfy sweat suit I got from PINK a few weeks ago.

"Oh good morning honey, you're up!" My mom exclaims as I step down the stairs into the kitchen.

"Yeaaah..." I mumble grabbing my back-pack and walking towards the door.

"Don't you want some breakfast?" My mom asks.

"Mom! I don't have any time! Since you wont buy me a car I have to walk to school!" I complain, my moms face twists in confusion.

"Oh right u forgot to tell you!" She laughs. "You're not going to school today!"

Okay, now im the confused one!

"Uhhh, mom, its a Wednesday? OF course I am....Are you feeling alright?" I laugh uncertainly.

"Honey, you might want to sit down. This is kind of big news..." She starts, I stand there quietly waiting for her to respond.

"Were moving!" She exclaims.

"WHAT!? WHERE?" I scream. Honestly I love my life here.

"London!" She exclaims, I choke on my spit.

"WHAT!" I scream.

"Surprise!!!!" She grins slyly.

This can not be happening.


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