the other dimensional pyramid

this is a continues chapter from the ruby red blade of inhuman blood in the. in the sky competition. it is about izalla when she gets transported into another dimesion with the only boy who can cure her, and she finds herself on the top of the pyramid of giza.


2. the other dimensional pyramid


As my eyes opened I felt sick, like I was thirty feet up in the sky, and that’s when I noticed I was, I was… I was on the top of a… a pyramid fifty feet high in the sky, I hated heights. I know I was 432 years old and should of gotten over the fright but I couldn’t, I knew I wasn’t immortal so I always thought I would fall. I quickly forgot about my fright when I started to realize that I had been here before, I studied here for thirty years of my life. I was on the top of the pyramid of Giza I recognized it from the unique hieroglyphics on the sides of the stones.


That’s when I looked down on the ground and saw a giant hieroglyphic carved Into the floor, it wasn’t there last time I came and that was probably because It was the same one that was carved into the glass window on the train and that wasn’t the only different thing the sun was also red. I started to think a little more “was I in a parallel universe. “could the boy and me have been in two parallel universes but on the same train at the same time, and we touched the hieroglyphic at together causing me to move into his universe.” That’s when I thought maybe the only way for me to go back to my universe was to find him and make him cure me.


I started to move around looking at my weird surroundings. The pyramid looked exactly the same, but at the same time the atmosphere around me felt completely different like it was suffocating me. I walked to the side of the pyramid and looked down completely forgetting that I was scared of heights and saw there was nothing to be seen around the pyramid except for a little black dot. I tried to focus my eyes on it but it didn’t move.


I had been staring at it for over half an hour having nothing else to do since I didn’t know how to get off the top of the pyramid and that’s when I saw the black dot move. I kept thinking what it might have been. It could have been a car or even a black horse, but within a mili second it had disappeared as if into thin air, and that’s when I realised it the boy the boy who could cure my curse…



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