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“Wooow!” Danni exclaimed, stunned by the beauty of the hotel room.

A large, circular bed lay in the center of the room. The room was decorated by exquisite paintings. There was a small couch at the corner overlooking the balcony which provided an excellent view of the beach and now, the stars. Adorned by expensive teak wood furniture and soft cushions, the room looked magnificent. Even the large hot-tub and the Jacuzzi in the bathroom looked inviting.

“I know” added Charlie as he entered the room after his fiancée. He was followed by the bellhop, who silently placed the luggage inside and walked away, and then the manager.

“Welcome to the Royal Suite of the Pearl Palace. Here is the phone and if you require anything, our able staff will assist you” said the manager. He was tall and neatly dressed, although his tie didn’t match with the shirt.

“Thank you, Mr. Smith.” Charlie was hurrying.

“I hope you enjoy your stay” said the manager. He gave a curt nod and walked out, closing the door behind him.

Charlie now turned to Danni. She was tall and had golden, long hair. She was still investigating the room.

“You liked it?” he asked.

Danni excitedly nodded but the next moment, her face turned pale.

“Must be expensive.” Her voice cracked.

“Nah. I’ve got it all sorted. Don’t worry” consoled Charlie embracing her. “So, what did you like here?” he asked as Danni freed herself from the hug.

“Everything. I liked the view from here. I just didn’t like the creepy-tied manager” said Danni which made Charlie laugh.

“I’m tired. Let’s rest. We’ve got a big day tomorrow” said Charlie as he collapsed lazily onto the bed.


The following morning, the couple woke up early and quickly set out to explore the city of San Penne. The little city was famous for the beaches, pearl harvesting and the residents’ hospitality.

Their first stop was a bustling fair. There were many stalls-selling jewelry, food, milkshakes and souvenirs. There were games too.

Danni and Charlie played many games and earned themselves a teddy bear, belt, burger, pizza and a milkshake.

While Danni was busy with a game, Charlie happened to see an unusual sight.

A man in a multi-colored coat, a little far away, was selling pink balloons. Charlie walked to the strangely-dressed man ignoring the ‘beware of pickpockets’ sign. Thinking that Danni might like them, he wanted to buy the balloons.

“How much for these?” asked Charlie casually.

Before the man could answer, Charlie quickly grabbed all the pink balloons and thrust some notes into the former’s hand. The balloon-seller looked carefully at the money, gave a toothless grin and walked away happily.

Danni soon returned to Charlie who was busy preventing himself from dashing against a gang of excited teenagers.

“What is happening?” asked she and Charlie was finally free.

Charlie looked at the balloons-still intact. He carefully handed them over to her. Danni’s cheeks turned pink- like the balloons.

“Awww!” she sighed. “It’s so sweet!”

 “Thought you might like it!” he replied.

“I have received boring paintings, books and gadgets. No one ever gifted these lively balloons, until now…” Danni beamed at him. “Come on, let’s have the cotton-candy,” said Danni as she stared at the cotton-candy stall which stood in front of her.

Charlie put his hands in his pockets to retrieve his wallet.

“God! It’s empty!” he cried. “I can’t find my phone or my wallet.”

Charlie turned his pockets out and Danni looked around hoping to find them. But it was unsuccessful.

“I shouldn’t have left my purse in the room!” Danni felt guilty.

“Never mind. We’ll just go back to the hotel and then file a complaint” said Charlie.

The couple was relatively unknown to the place so they found it difficult to communicate with the Spanish residents. Since they stepped out of the hotel only once, they had trouble in finding their way back.

They walked till a park where Charlie managed to ask directions.

“Can you tell us the way to the Pearl Palace?”

But the motorist mumbled something in Spanish and sped away.

“Wait!” Charlie tried to run behind the vehicle but in vain.

He stopped, caught his breath and returned to the spot where Danni was sitting with the balloons. He sat, facing away from her. Danni, tired of holding the balloons, handed them to him. He silently accepted them.

A dark shadow was cast over the town. The clouds had gathered around the park and in a few moments, it was raining. Charlie and Danni sat on the wet ground, getting drenched in the rain, without speaking.

   “Stuck in an unknown place. Hungry. Wet. Penniless. Getting drenched in the rain, for free. Wow! What a nice way to spend the seldom given holidays!” started Danni sarcastically. “And these balloons! Urgh!”

“It wasn’t my fault. You wanted to see San Penne.” Charlie was equally irritated. “Now, go ahead!”

There was silence and the next moment, there was a sudden increase in the downpour. Charlie, thinking that he held an umbrella and not balloons, stretched his hands and protectively placed them so that Danni wouldn’t get anymore wet. Fortunately, the balloons didn’t break.

Danni was touched by his gesture.

“Well, it’s not so bad.” She changed her mind.

“Really?” Charlie turned to her.

Danni, still clutching the bear, came closer to him. “At least I’m with you.”

Charlie put his arm over her said, “Yeah. This is better than the office. I’m glad I’m stuck with you.”

The two didn’t speak and now, only the loud pitter-patter echoed everywhere. Finally, the rain stopped and the bright sun came out.

“Come. Let’s find our way back” said Charlie. Danni turned to see Creepy Tie running toward them.

The hotel manager and a few police officers rushed to the scene.

They handed him his wallet and phone and explained about the culprits and how they managed to nab them. Mr. Smith had managed to identify them through the photo in the cell. And on the way, they met a motorist who revealed their location.

Charlie thanked the motorist in his heart.

After an interesting day, Charlie and Danni were happy to get back. They always made sure that they carried enough money. As of now, they were glad to rest.


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