I'm in love with you

Milly just ended her 2 year relationship with Niall Horan, the reason for the breakup with for one night Millie caught Niall sucking some sluts face off on there bed when she home from work. She was unbroken and ended it a soon as possible.Niall on the other hand cryed for weeks after the breakup. That was all 3 months ago and Millie's has moved on and is now dating Austin who is perfect for her they get along so very well. What happens when poor Niall finds out Millie has moved on? Will there be a happy ending or not? No hate please!


2. The breakup

Millie's POV
I am so glad to get home to get home I had a really tough day at work I had to do 15 people's makeup in an hour ( that's really hard). I wanna have nice dinner with Niall and then cuddle on the warm bed and watch our favourite movie Grease together. I was driving along the wet flooded road in my Audi, Nialler got for my 18th birthday. It was the the middle of winter and in london lately it has been raining nonstop causing flooding in some places. The radio was on and I singing along to ' Boyfriend ' by Justin Beliber joyfully, it's my favourite song at the movement as well has Niall .Just then I arrived at my and Niall's Big Mansion, I noticed there was a car i hadnt seen before in the driveway as I parked my car next to it, it was black and just like Zayns car so igorned it and keept going. I got my  handbag out  and walked slowly into the house. I pulled off my jacket, put it on the hook " Niall babe I'm home" no awser "u there" no awser yet again. I quickly walked up the stairs, which took a long time sense the house is so big, thought I might get changed into some sweats, and opened my and Nialls door to our bedroom slowly.To find Niall sucking some sluts face off, my heart break instantly I was frozen. They both noticed me and stopped and looked in my direction "Millie it's not what it looks like she kissed me" said Niall tears were running down your face making your cheeks stained with red marks."then why didn't you pull away" I screamed really loud " wait you said that you were single when we were at the club" said the slut gurl "I did" Niall said. The girl walked over to you and said "I am so sorry I thorght that he was single" and than she ran out. " Niall were over, I can't believe you would do this to me, after all we had like what did i ever do to you?" then Millie flipped her beautiful brown and started to walked out when Niall grabbed her hand " Millie I love you, you didnt do anything wrong your perfect, I was drunk I didn't know what I was doing"she ripped her hand away from Niall grip and ran out of the house into the rain ceying heavily leaving Niall regretting the last few hours.
Nialls POV
I can't she isn't mine anymore, I am so so stupid. I should of stopped drinking so much. Then  Millie would be in my arms and we come watch our favourite movie Grease together . I hope I can mend what I have done  to Millie she never forgives ever very easily. Once while she was asleep me and Louis ( louis is one of my band members) drew the word 'directioner' on her forehead in marker she didn't forgive us for a week, it didn't come off for 2 days and she had go to work so that we mostly the problem I hoped. That girl I meet at the club  was right she didn't kiss me I kissed her, but I was dumb and drunk and didn't know what i was doing. I miss Millie so much already and she has been gone for only a min, just then I heard her car drive of the driveway and onto the street. I slowly cried myself to sleep wishing Millie was here with me cuddling, I hope she's ok.

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