I'm in love with you

Milly just ended her 2 year relationship with Niall Horan, the reason for the breakup with for one night Millie caught Niall sucking some sluts face off on there bed when she home from work. She was unbroken and ended it a soon as possible.Niall on the other hand cryed for weeks after the breakup. That was all 3 months ago and Millie's has moved on and is now dating Austin who is perfect for her they get along so very well. What happens when poor Niall finds out Millie has moved on? Will there be a happy ending or not? No hate please!


10. News read now!

Hey guys I am really really sorry fornot updating in ages but I have been super busy so thats why I am looking for a co writer to help me with doing more updates. If you want to help write this Movella all you have to do is say in the comments why you want to. Thanks for your support guys ily


Casey xx

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