I'm in love with you

Milly just ended her 2 year relationship with Niall Horan, the reason for the breakup with for one night Millie caught Niall sucking some sluts face off on there bed when she home from work. She was unbroken and ended it a soon as possible.Niall on the other hand cryed for weeks after the breakup. That was all 3 months ago and Millie's has moved on and is now dating Austin who is perfect for her they get along so very well. What happens when poor Niall finds out Millie has moved on? Will there be a happy ending or not? No hate please!


8. Kiss

Nialls POV
While having some Nandos with the lads after the concert in the park, I notice something weird I thorght I saw Millie on a rug crying quietly but I think I am going crazy these days with the consent crying and moaning of my terrible loss of beautiful Millie. Harry says to get my mind of things he is thorwing a party tonight, he said his girlfriend is gonna be there and she is bringing he friend. ( he said that with a wink) which I igorned because I will never move on from Millie. The lads and I went back to Harry's house to get the party ready. I went shopping with Zayn to get some food and drinks, it took so long since zayn of corse had to stop by Perries house for 1 hour! By rhe time we got back to Harry's house it was 5.55 and the party was at 6.00! We quickly put on the food and drinks on the table and had just enough time to sit down and what for the guests to arrive. Me and the boys sat on the conch waiting and talking for the people to come, harry said he only invited around 30 friends but only 20 could come. We heard the door bell ring, I jumped up and awsered it to see......
Millie's POV 
Once me and Ruby got to her place, it was already 5.55 and we weren't even ready yet. I quickly changed into my dress and so did Ruby and then we went to the bathroom to do our makeup. I put on eyeshadow, blush, some fake lashes, lipstick and fountain. I looked at myself for awhile in the mirror and thought I am getting off Austin really quick I guess he was just a normal guy but not the right one for me. Ruby had already done her hair and makeup when I was just getting onto my hair so she curled my hair and put a cute bow in it. We looked at outselfs in the mirror and then headed out the door to the car. The journey in the car was nice we listen to ed sheeran and talked about gurl stuff. She said that she thinks a harry is the for her. I deiced not to tell her about Harry ex girlfriend who had died in a car crash last year. They we in love really in love, it broke Harry's heart so bad when she passed. Just then we pulled up at Harry's place, they was lots if cars and noises coming from inside. We both hoped out the car carefully trying not to trip in our heels, and walked towards the door. Ruby knocked on the door to be greeted by her boyfriend Harry. 
" Ruby so glad your here and this must be your friend' said harry he mumbled the last part. Ruby never mentioned they Harry wasn't just Harry but Harry style from One direction. 
' yeah her names Millie' said Ruby
'Yea I know, and can't beliber your here' Harry said staring at me. 
Just then Niall yes Niall came up to the door and said 
'Harry is this girlfriend and this must MILLIE!!" 
Niall looked so happy to see me but I wasn't so happy but sad. I was about to run back the car when a arm grabbed my waist 
" Millie can't me talk please" said Niall quietly 
" we'll we just leave you guys alone" said harry Amd with that him and Ruby left. I went and sat down on a bench in the front garden and Niall followed. 
' Millie I am so sorry for hurting you it was the worst mistake if my life and regret every bit of it, I have been crying for months about you and moaning of my loss and thinking how stupid I was to let you go. I hope that you forgive me"
Said Niall with water in his eyes
"I love you that's I forgive" said Millie
I said that because I know now Niall Horan  is the love of my life. From the second I saw him at the door a whole heap of love me and how much I miss and want back. 
Then out of blue Niall kissed me and I kissed back. 

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Casey xoxo

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