I'm in love with you

Milly just ended her 2 year relationship with Niall Horan, the reason for the breakup with for one night Millie caught Niall sucking some sluts face off on there bed when she home from work. She was unbroken and ended it a soon as possible.Niall on the other hand cryed for weeks after the breakup. That was all 3 months ago and Millie's has moved on and is now dating Austin who is perfect for her they get along so very well. What happens when poor Niall finds out Millie has moved on? Will there be a happy ending or not? No hate please!


5. I'm gay

Hi guys thanks for all the nec comments saying to update, I thought writing a few more chapters can't hurt so that's what I doing writing a few more chapters and if you guys still want me to continue then I will. Love you guys 


Ally's POv
Me and Austin are in the car on the way to the park to get some ice cream and I can't wait I just  hope nothing bad happens . "Hey you know how you said that you dated one of the guys in one direction " says Austin to me shyly "aww Aus no need to be shy, I dated Niall but he cheated on me and I hate him for it. But you know what he made me met you so I thank him a lot!" I say back to him. "I love you" said Aus sweetly. "I love you too baby" I said back. Then the radio turns on weirdly and it has a one direction interview on. "Were here at the park with the famous band One direct Omg it's Niall the one who hasn't shown his face in 5 months!!" Said the lady interview "hi" said Nialler simply. "So may I ask where have you been were have been missing you!" Says the lady interviewer "um well to be honest about 5 months ago I made a terrible mistake, I cheated on my girlfriend well ex now. I was very heart broken and if she's listening now I want her to know this" Niall said. I was getting sweaty palms and was shaking. Then Austin put his hand on my knee to stop me from shaking. "do you want to hear this or not?" He said "um no I don't" I say back. He turns the radio off and we sit in silence to we get the park. 
Austin's POV
I can't believe she dated my guy crush Niall, I haven't will never tell Ally I'm gay. I'm breaking up with her at the park because this was all my Mums plan, she wanted ms to be taken for a while by girl to show the public I'm not gay. I feel kinda bad doing to her I mean look at her if I was not gay I would marry her. She is really pretty and that ass mmmmm. 
Nialls POV 
*at the concert with interviewer on stage with the rest of lads*
"I wanted to say that I am really so sorry about cheating on you, I was just feeling Lonley because you weren't round as much that day. I love you with all my heart Ally and more I hope you forgive me" I say into the mic infrout of the big concert crowd. "Awww that's super sweet Ni Ni, I hope she forgives you. I'll talk to you lads after the show is finished." Said the girl interviewer. 
She walked away and we started the concert with "what makes you beautiful'. Has singing I kept my mind on Ally and what she's doing right now, what if she's in a ally crying her eyes out because some drunk guy bashed her or maybe she making out with some hot guy. Wow I am thinking weird shes probely just sitting in bed eating ice cream and watching her favourite show 'shake it up' she was quite the Disney fan Ally.
We then perform all the other songs from the 'up all night' and 'Take Me Home Alums and then say our goodbyes to the fans and they head off on there own way. The lads and I head to that cute Ice cream stand near the where the concert was held around 10mins ago. I still am really hoping Ally hears about my interview and comes and talks to me. I would do any thing to see her face again, it's just so beautiful!
Ally's POV
Me and Aus walk hand in hand to the ice cream stand talking About our life's and what's happening in them.The ice cream stand is called 'creaming up life' which I thought was cute for a name. We line up for ages, i can one direction singing from here which makes me sweat in the palms from the thought of Niall and the rest of the lads who i was once great friends with when with Nialler and pick our flavour I pick blue gum my favourite and Austin  picks Choctop his favourite ice cream. I lay the picnic rug i brought with me on the lush grass and sit down and so does Austin but the werid thing is that he sits quite a distract from me. We both slip up our ice creams quickly before it melts  and then Austin says this which breaks my heart in too two once again. "Ally there's something I have to say, it's not good but here goes, I am breaking up with you because I'm gay and don't love you I'm sorry" he says and walks away. 


You guys like it was a big plot twist right?!

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