I'm in love with you

Milly just ended her 2 year relationship with Niall Horan, the reason for the breakup with for one night Millie caught Niall sucking some sluts face off on there bed when she home from work. She was unbroken and ended it a soon as possible.Niall on the other hand cryed for weeks after the breakup. That was all 3 months ago and Millie's has moved on and is now dating Austin who is perfect for her they get along so very well. What happens when poor Niall finds out Millie has moved on? Will there be a happy ending or not? No hate please!


3. 3 months later

3 months later 
Millie's POV
It's been 3 months since Niall and me broke up, I was kinda hash to let a 2 year relationship go down the drain because of one kiss. I would of gone back to him but he never called or texted me, I guess I was glad I was gone out of his perfect famous life. He only texted me once and that was to come get on stuff while he is on tour because he didnt wanna face me. I moved on I am now dating a lovely guy named Austin, he is so nice and caring and overall trustworthly which means a lot to me since what happened with Niall . He's looks are to die for, he has light blue eyes and a brown quiff, and amazing abs that make me drew. He is a lot like Niall, he is one of the most famous Models in the world but the one thing I miss about Niall is that he made me feel extra loved, and the way he said my name was very cute, but I have moved on well I hope I have. We have been living with each for 1 month now and been dating for 2 months , when I moved out of nialls I stayed with my Mum and Dad. The weird thing is that we haven't kissed yet, but I guess the time isn't right. 
Now morning 9:67am
" good morning beautiful" says Austin as he wraps his arms around my waist.  We're in bed lying watching the sun gleam at us through the light cream coloured curtains                                            " morning love , what do you think we should do today?" I say quietly.     " I think we should we to a one direction concert a the park, I got tickets the other day thinking you might wanna go" I hear Austin say "we'll babe I can't go because my ex is in that band and he cheated on me, do you understand"I replied.       " oh babe sorry to hear that and we don't have to go to the concert we will go to park and get ice cream instead so good?" Austin says.           " sounds great" I say. We both hop out of bed and get dressed, I dress in a dress that has pink flowers with a darker pink background, i put on my pink love hearted vans ( niall got them made for me for my 18th birthday,they kinda make me sad wearing them but there too cute) and go to the bathroom. I look at my light brown hair and think what to do, then I deice to do a messy bun. Once I do that I brush my teeth and walk downstairs to see Austin making some bacon and eggs which smells really good. I kiss him on the cheek sweetly.                                  " you look amazing " he says i smile showing my dimples and he severes me with some bacon and eggs cooked perfect just like him. We both eat and talk about the weeks to come in our life's. We finish our breakfast and talking , get all the stuff we need for the park and head out the door and into Austin expenise red Audi. 
Nialls POV
God I don't live anymore not since Millie's gone, for 3 months I have been just sitting in my bed in the dark sometimes cry and thinking what a fool I am.I miss her so much I always think of her and the way her hair flowed or the way her eyes sparkle in the sun, I reckon she one of a kind Beautiful. Anyway I live with Liam now so I don't kill / stave myself, he takes care of me. I don't go to concerts, signing or interviews anymore I just lay in bed. Liam try's to get me up everyday, but I refuse to. I was being lazy and I deiced today I was going to get on with my life forget about Millie, to start I was going with the boys to a concert at the park. 
Now 9:46
" Niall time to get up we have the concert today that u promised to go to, you don't wanna disappoint the fans do you?" I hear Liam say has he enters the guest bedroom which I live in at the moment. I open my eyes to be blind with light, I sit up      " Liam I am going don't worry and I don't wanna disappoint the fans" he starts to walk out of the room  but has he does he says                                             " good now get dressed and make sure it's clean!"                                  " ok mum" I say 
I slowly get out of the warm bed and walk over to the closet to find something to wear, I pick a black clean tshirt , some black skinny jeans and a pair of white converses brush my teeth which feels good since I haven't done it in a while (ewww) . I smell pancakes so I run down stairs nearly tripping and sit down at the dinning table ready to be severed by Liam. "Someone's  hungry" says Liam 
" I sure I am" I quickly reilped 
Li servers me a some pancakes and a quickly stuff them in my month, and suddenly I am very full. I sit back in my chair feeling a bit sick from eating too fast.                "That's what happens when you eat too fast" Liam says.                           " yes mum" I say
" ready to go?" Liam asks 
" I sure am" I say
I clean the plates while Liam feeds Loki his dog and we head to the concert. As I get in the car I have a bad feeling something unexpected is gonna happen.
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