Love You Forever More

Izzy is an ordinary girl, going to an ordinary school, that's until she meets 5 boys. Through a bounded and growing relationship with the boys, Izzy soon finds out that her past is catching up to her, leaving her new friends; Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Louis in the middle of it.


2. The new school (continued)

Izzy's POV.

It was amazing! The scenery was beautiful. It was a 1 mile walk from my new house, but I didn't mind, i was accepted into the school of my dreams! That morning my dad had to physically pull me out of my bed and drag me down the hall to the kitchen, i was prepared for the learning, i wasn't prepared for the waking up times. That didn't make a difference for my dad though. Eventually i plucked up the strength to get ready for my first day. I stripped of my pjama's and under garmets and had a refreshing shower, let my curly brown hair soak up the sun outside for awhile and lightly brushed it into small ringlet curls, leaving it to dangle on my shoulders and down my back. I suddenly realised that if i needed to make a good 'first impression', I would need to look good, not to fancy, as if going to a dinner party, but not to shabby that i look like i just came back from a camping trip. I teared my closet down trying to find the right clothing to wear, at one point i tried on a pocka dotted shirt with black stripped leggings because I ran out of ideas! As i thought all hope was lost, i found a simple peach coloured, almost knee high dress standing at the back, waiting for me, i leaped forward, slung it over my head and admired myself in the mirror. I then added a dash of lip gloss and a little mascara and I was good to go. I then skipped downstairs, my dad waiting for me at the bottom, "have a great first day bub, I know you will have a great time" "thanks dad" and with that, i gave my dad a kiss and was almost out the door when i heard Jesse galloping down the stairs, "where do you think you're going so quickly, eh?", he ran to me with a giant grin on his face, and swooped me off my feet into a bear hug, my feet off the ground. "see ya sis, try to have a great day, but it wont be as much fun without me there!" i just giggled as he smirked at his stupid joke and i was out the door in no time!

As i walked up to the entrance of the school, i was astonished by the black, steel gate, the newly renovated pathways, the students, prancing around meerily, chatting and laughing, as if in a dream. Class schedule in hand, i started walking up past the gates, towards the reception, still staring at the incredible work the architects had done to make this building, when suddenly i bumped into someone and fell over, dropping my books and schedule everywhere. Luckily, i wasn't the only clumsy one, as i looked over i saw a boy, lying on the ground near me, staring at bits and pieces of what used to be a sandwich of some sort. He looked devastated, but managed to get up quicker than me and was picking up my books for me. I needed to thank him, or say sorry to him, but no words came out, i was to busy staring at his beautiful blue eyes, his snow white hair and gorgeous dimple. I was finally put out of my trance when he spoke, in a cute irish accent, the words flowing amazingly out of his perfect lips, "im very sorry, i was eating my sandwich and i was to inticed by the flavour and forgot what i was doing" "it's fine, it is kinda my fault too to be honest, my name is Izzy by the way" "Horan. Niall Horan. Nice to meet you, would you like help getting to your next class?" "actually, i just need to get to the reception, could you direct me there?" "sure, just down the hall, to the left and you will see a big door, just go in and see the lady at the counter. So sorry but i have to go, im going to be late for my next class, i'll see you around?" "yeah ok, thanks for the help" "no problem, cya" "cya" Wow, he was just, just.. perfect!



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