Love You Forever More

Izzy is an ordinary girl, going to an ordinary school, that's until she meets 5 boys. Through a bounded and growing relationship with the boys, Izzy soon finds out that her past is catching up to her, leaving her new friends; Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Louis in the middle of it.


4. The jealous girls

I soon saw that almost all the girls in the cafeteria were staring at me, their glaring eyes sinking into me, and I realised that they were jealous. Jealous of me? I haven't heard such a thing, but I could tell, they were envying me, maybe it was because I was sitting with the boy, they have been awfully nice to me, maybe they are rude to the other girls. All I knew was that I had to be prepared for this "paparazzi" for the rest of the day. Oh joy! Things got less awkward as the day went on, some other people sat next to me in chemistry, not that they bothered to make conversation, but I didn't mind, i'm usually the "suffer in silence" type. As I walked to my last class of the day, I walked down the corridor and liam and I exchanged glances, my eyes too caught up in his until I realised I had just walked into someone, again. My books plumeted to the smooth, marble tiles and I quickly looked up to see a shocked, but slightly amused boy, about my age. I stopped and stared, soon facing the truth that I would have to come back to reality, I reluctantly looked away, as I felt my face go as red as a tomato. His voice broke the silence. "Hi, i'm Connor, it seems I am not the only starstruck person here", he said with a husky voice, chuckling under his breath. "Oh, sorry about that, my name is Ally," I saw his smirk grow as my face went from pale to pink again, "and these are my books all over the ground.." "Oh, right," he reached down and began to pick up my books, not in a hurry obviously, by the speed he was moving his hands, "oh, no, you don't have to, here, it's my fault," I stumbled out as I slid down on my knees to help pick up. I almost completely forgot about Liam and our lasting stare down the hall, and sure enough, he was standing behind us, I giant smile on his face, but not as big as the laughter coming from his mouth, his face purple from laughter. "You know, it's not that funny Liam...." "I know, I know, not to you anyway!" and his face was almost blue!


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