Love You Forever More

Izzy is an ordinary girl, going to an ordinary school, that's until she meets 5 boys. Through a bounded and growing relationship with the boys, Izzy soon finds out that her past is catching up to her, leaving her new friends; Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Louis in the middle of it.


3. Meeting the rest of the boys

After meeting that boy, Niall, i couldn't help but smile about how many nice people i could meet here. All the great friends i will hang out with. I walk to my first class of the day, wondering what the rest of the day will bring me.

As i entered the hallway towards the class room, i yet again walking into something, luckily not falling to the tiled floor below. "oh, i'm terribly sorry, i must not have been watchin my step" i slowly blushed as i looked up, and saw his beautiful face a slight smirk plastered to my face as i thought of how it must have been my lucky day, "it's fine, i am very clumsy most of the time" his smile, making my face look like a tomato, i try to keep myself together, but i can tell he has noticed as a smirk covers his face. he obviously has a fascination for stripes, he was wearing quite alot of them, and with books with carrot cover slips on them, and the carrot shaped pencil case, i had no doubt in my mind that he would be a funny one. "my name is Louis Tomilson" which he said quite proudly, "and may i ask who you are?" "oh," i said slowly coming back to the real world, "i'm Ally, i mean Alex, but everyone calls me Ally" "that's great, Ally. do you need help getting to your next class?" a giant grin from ear to ear grew on him,i could of swore his smile went all the way to his wavy brown hair, shining in the light of the hallway flurolight, "yes please, i need to get to biology class, can you direct me to it?" i say with a cautious and curious voice, "i can do better than that, i can take you there! i am in the same class fortunately for you" So with that, we walk almost hand and hand to the classroom at the end of the hall.


 Wow. It was exactly  like a vampires house! Coffins everywhere, cobwebs, all the curtain were closed. It was almost as if it was real, but it wasn't. In biology this term the extra curriculm students were just finishing up an experiment that they had been making for afew months time according to Louis. It was a small diarama of a haunted house, displaying the different uses of mucus, it was very strange, but amazingly well done as it was all made out of mucus. They eventually packed up their spit masterpiece and the next students in the biology class, which included us, were gestured by the teacher to enter the class. After the brief introduction of me, and a dissection of a cow's eye and an end of year presentation by the teachers pets ( i came a little late in the year, the last day of school for the year...), we were allowed out for lunch. Louis guided me over to a table over people after taking me to collect my food, and sat down and gestured for me to sit down too. Wow, i swear i was in heaven today! 4 more boys, including Niall, who i meet earlier, were all gathered around the table inrtoducing themselves. "hi Ally, im Liam" "hey, my name's Zayn" "why hello there lovely, my name is harry" "hello Ally, don't worry i packed an extra sandwich" Niall stated with a wink and a munch out of his ridiculously large sandwich. Liam was a charmer, he was a little shy, as he blushed a little, but his perfect hair just dangled down near his ears then showing attention to his two big brown eyes.

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