In the Sky Chapter 4

This is a continuation of In the Sky.

1. Safe

            The impact caused me to jolt backwards. Curling into a ball, I began to hear the screams and crying around me. The adrenaline kicked in and I started to move. First, I grabbed onto the seat in front of me and managed to pull myself up. I had only a few cuts and bruises but I was still strong enough to lift myself. I grabbed Cyri, she was in the seat next to me. She had hit her head against the small plastic table in front of us and fainted. She would wake once I shook her. Once Cyri opened her eyes, she knew that it was time to take action.

            We got up out of our seats and walked to the front of the train, where the accident happened. There were people lying all over the train’s carpeted floor, coughing and struggling for air. The smoke began to fill the air of the small train cabin, so I asked Cyri to open every window she could, and fast. I grabbed a woman and her daughter and managed to get them out of the train and onto the platform. They were badly bruised and scared out of their minds. The little girl could barely walk. I think that something fell on the daughter, maybe the handrail above the seats. When they were out of the train, I began to help the next person out. It was an old man; he was badly hurt and was stuck under the glass of a broken window. I asked Cyri to help me get him up and out of the carriage.

           I could hear the ambulance and the police officers, screaming, their sirens were making my ears pound. They began to break open the sliding doors of the train and get people onto the platform. I was too busy watching them to realize that the middle-aged man I was helping was suffocating on the floor.  Besides having supernatural powers, I also had a major case of Attention Deficit Disorder. I couldn’t concentrate on the fact that I had to save the people, even if it risked Him finding me.

           The hieroglyph on the glass was long gone. It wasn’t even worth searching for. Maybe it was meant to happen this way.

           I found Cyri and told her I had to go. It was time for me to go to my father’s house and talk to him about my current situation.


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